Jul 17, 2011

Daily thoughts - Four births and a funeral

The words spay/neuter/castration is alien in this household. I wont be quick to judge the people here because prior to living in Singapore, I myself wasnt particularly aware of the benefits of having a pet fixed. When I came back last year, I was equipped with the knowledge I gained from partaking in some animal advocacy fund raising events and reading animal welfare websites. I could have used that new found knowledge and applied it. It would have been a huge favor to the animals to have had them spayed. Unfortunately, times were tough last year and my funds just ran out. So in short, I never got around to having any of them spayed/neutered/castrated.

My adopted cat Enchong is scheduled for castration. I wish I could sponsor also to have the 3 female dogs and 2 female cats from this house, spayed but I am already feeding all of the animals. It would be great if  I could get their (humans I live with) cooperation and a little contribution to make that goal possible. Sadly though, if they cannot help me with feeding these animals, what hope do I have that they can support me to have the animals fixed?

Getting these animals spayed will curb the problem of pet overpopulation in the house, which eventually will give these animals a better quality of life. If there were only a few of them, they will be fed better. Hopefully though someone would also love and care for them the way they deserve.

By my count, there were 4 dogs and 8 cats prior to July 8.

As of today July 17 2011 there is an addition to the pet family. 6 new puppies and 1 kitten. 3 dogs and 1 cat all gave birth. Last July 8 Arnold gave birth to a puppy that looks like a panda. On July 11, Murgeet gave birth to 3 puppies. On July 14 Docman gave birth to 3 more puppies. And on July 15, Pretty gave birth to one kitten. 

A few days ago I wrote a post about Murgeet and Yoobi and their heroic tale. It is with a heavy heart that I have to share that one of the puppies, specifically the one that got caught in that metal grate, passed away yesterday.

last July 12 (Choco, Coffee and Fudge)
Fudge yesterday..RIP =(
I was sad when I discovered the dead puppy. It would be unfair to point an accusing finger but someone seemed to have stepped on the banig and accidentally on the puppy.  This person decided to remove the old blanket I put in there for the dogs to use.  The blanket happens to be mine and its also very old -13 years old. I dont plan to use it so I thought these young animals could benefit from it to warm them. It broke my heart to see that again these animals were deprived of that small comfort because of the mentality that "they are just dogs".Which translates that, they dont need blankets, and they can eat pretty much whatever we serve them or they will die of starvation.

I always get that by the way. When I am being generous to the animals, someone in our house would remark, "sayang" (meaning, its a waste of money in Tagalog). For example, when I decided to move my cats from Singapore to the Philippines, someone told me the money is sayang.  When I feed the animals with kibbles and wet food, they scoff at the effort instead of complimenting it. When I bring the cats to the vet for their shots or they need to be hospitalized, its sayang.

In my opinion, whats sayang is wasting your life hoarding a truckload of shit you wont even miss when you die (broken vases, dilapidated suitcases, broken furnitures, broken toys, moth eaten table linens, blankets older than me, pillows older than the house itself, broken appliances with no better fate than for it to be discarded, jars, bottles etc..so many I can not name it all) . It is when you line your house with so much plants (that are mostly weeds) that attracts tons of insects and you explicitly imply that these plants are your life. You water the plants but do not bother to give fresh water to the dogs or cats.
You refuse to get fruit bearing plants or plants that are worth anything. You also use the disposed cat litter as a plant soil thinking you dont want the litter to go to waste although you have been told many times over that it is not recommended for garden use( found under warning label)

I find it Sayang because youre missing out on better deals and good affordable stuff to put in your house because youre too cheap to get new ones. There is a difference between being frugal and simply being a bitter miser.

I find nothing wrong with wanting to spend my money to get nice things even if it is "just" for the animals. What I do with my money is my business, plus treating animals right makes me happy.

Its really annoying and sad some people I know overly emphasize it is sayang to even serve freshly cooked rice, sardines, canned food or packed goodies for the animals. They feel animals dont deserve to eat good food too. They think just because these are animals, they cant tell garbage from what is edible. I hate to use the word stupid but nothing is more apt to say when I imagine the kind of thinking these people have.

I wish to add, it is sayang that amidst all the technology and information out there, some people do not seem to want to further their knowledge by reading and educating themselves of what is right, good and important. They prefer to stick to their age old crass beliefs and folklore.

You cant blame me if I have more respect for animals than some people.

Mind you these dogs in the house are actually smart and empathetic.  Today I was again roused from my sleep because one of the new puppies rolled from our garage all the way to the street. Hadnt it been for the barks and crying, that poor puppy would have been literally a HOTDOG. It was very hot outside this afternoon and the dog was out there by the sun (but not basking) and one of our neighbors even saw it. He was afraid to pick it up for fear Yoobi, our other grown up puppy might bite him.

Docman and her 3 puppies (1 black and 2 white/black mix)
If you dont consider that act heroic, smart and compassionate, then tell me what else to call it. These dogs deserve more recognition (and good food) than they are given due.

On to a less serious note, I am quite amused at the new puppy Piglet. This dog is less than 2 weeks old. The other dogs were born like a week or less after Piglet was born but you can see how huge the difference in terms of size is.

Arnold's puppy Piglet

Arnold and Piglet

Docman's brood

Piglet and one of Docman's puppies

Docman's puppiers were born on July 14. Piglet was born last July 8 which means, it is older by less than a week. But look at how big this puppy is. It looks like a small panda too.

Piglet and Docman's pup
see how Docman's pup fits on my palm
Piglet, too big for one hand
Piglet and the 3 other pups

Piglet and our 4month old cat Dalja for comparison
Separated at birth ?

Piglet could pass for a panda for its size.

Seeing the new puppies and kitten frolick on that old blanket or carpet truly made me smile. It is always a joy to see new babies big and small (except roach and other crawling critters' babies). However, I cant help but think of what a seeming sad future they could have if they dont get adopted out once they are old enough to be weaned from their moms. Tough task but I cannot just hope for a solution. I have to find one or else resorting to the unimaginable will be inevitable..

Oh I almost forgot, here is another one ready to pop

Pepper, the ultimate kitten factory

by the looks of it, these could be 3 or 4 more

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