Jul 17, 2011

Daily thoughts- 10 Room "items" that make me happy

If I could itemize some of the things I truly love about my life, I could find a lot of it in my room.

1) My new guitar
I found this guitar for a steal..well not really. It was 1200 PHP but it seemed okay and lightweight. Perfect for the budding player in me (although Ive actually learned how to play way back in 1992, Im still not that good).

Thumper and my new guitar
2) Ant baits
There are many ants in this house and no amount of baygon spray seem to really kill of them. Not just that, Baygon makes me want to hurl most of the time. Ant baits are an indispensable part of my must have items. Unfortunately I havent had any luck in finding them here in the country. My husband has to ship these from the states.

Extra strong ant baits
3) A clean fan
I may be overly particular with cleanliness but I realized I havent really cleaned the one important thing that makes me sleep soundly. my poor neglected desk fan. I touched it this morning and realized that it was on the brink of overheating. so i dismantled and vacuumed it and wiped it with wet ones. looks brand new again!

Dapper and my exdirty fan
my ever reliable desk fan and a little face lift
4) A cat on the bed ( of course a cat will always be on the list)
A fat cat on the bed always makes me smile. Especially when it tries to lay down like a human being.

 Passed out cats make me happy since it gives me time to enjoy watching them and my chores for the day. I can finally read my book without cats constantly jumping on my legs or taking turns using the litter box.

Passed out cats

5) Avocado snacks
Not a staple but I stock up on avocado fruits on one of my trays. One of my favorite desserts or snacks. It looks plain but I reckon its one of the most delicious simple snacks on this earth.

Avocado with powdered milk and sugar
6) A fat cat by my side of the bed
 When I see my cat sleeping across the bed or on my spot, I always adjust and sleep on whichever part is available. But no, they havent bullied me yet to sleeping on the floor.
7) The internet

What more can I say? who doesnt love it. North Korea probably but they may still be in denial.

8) My new table
I got this folding table for a steal. 420 PHP or 10 USD. I really like it a lot and I use it mostly for holding food items like my dinner, lunch or snacks.  I felt sorry for the guy selling it because he was carrying 4 of the small sized desk like this one and 2 huge ones. Believe me, its heavy. I tried carrying it for 100meters and I ended up hailing a tricycle to board instead.
9) Scracth post by the window
The cats love this spot of the room. They hang out here when its raining, or when they hear a commotion outside.
Cats by the window
10) My cats -Boomer, Enchong, Thumper and Dapper
Boomer fascinates me because despite her being blind, she is always playing and running around the room. She is so lively and happy most of the time. She also enjoys being petted and purrs loudly when I touch her. She looks forward to our grooming sessions where I clean her eyes and ears. She shows her satisfaction by purring again non stop while I instill fluids in her eyes that seem uncomfortable. I also find it inspiring everytime I see her embark on her latest lofty goal like climbing the window curtains and jumping from the scratch post to my desk. Assisted only by the sounds she can hear from me typing. The most impressive of all, she manages to find the litter box when its poopie or piss time.
These two cats have been together for almost 3 years. Dapper turned 3 this March and Thumper this coming December. They are very sweet to each other and the introduction of two other cats doesnt seem to shake off that mutual respect and love they have towards the other.  Dapper and Thumper has welcomed the newbies both but they havent shown this kind of affection for them just yet.
Dapper and Thumper exclusive sweetness

My cat Thumper is simply endearing just the way she is. I dont know what charm this cat has because she is indifferent most of the time and isnt considered cute under normal standards. but i find her simply irresistible.

Enchong is the only male cat in my room. Before the testosterone kicked in, he was always the first to try to win me over compared to the rest of the cat. It takes very little effort to get his attention. When I call his name, he promptly will go to where I am. He always wants to sleep next to me or on my chest or belly. He also has this weird habit of trying to sleep on my head at night and even chews on my hair. That kinda explains the turd bracelets and necklaces that follow.

After the growth spurt, he still maintains the same irresistible sweetness, but  with the cat ladies, he want something else. He has become a handful. I always have to pry him apart from Boomer. And when I go out, Im forced to section the part of the room by closing the door so he stays in the hallway. But lately he has tried to bolt out of the room many times. So not until he is castrated, he is temporarily banished from my room.

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