Feb 9, 2012

Daily thoughts - A remarkable short film that hits home

A friend of mind shared this short video on facebook yesterday. I was so moved by it that I started crying shortly after watching it. I really think a great majority of people can relate to that feeling. Not having enough money but still going out of your way to give and make someone feel special.

I want to proudly say that this short film won  an award here in NYC. You can read more about the story on this link.

Im proud of my kababayan Lance Katigbak on getting his first international accolade for such a touching depiction of how love shines through in the midst of poverty. In his own words  “I wanted to be able to show that poverty doesn’t have to be a hindrance to be able to do loving acts. Even if you are materially poor, if you have the dedication and if you refuse to lose your human dignity, it’s still possible for you to help others,” I cant agree any less.

It was acting, but the message was real. I was fortunate to have experienced it many times. In fact it was more often  I was the recipient of that generosity. In the eyes of my Dad, I was always a birthday girl.

My Dad bought me second hand toys. This was when my family was really hard up. He forgot to remove the scotch tape with the price (written with a marker) on it thats how I knew but it didnt really matter. It was those gifts that I treasure most, because despite being poor, my Dad made an effort to make me feel special.

Over the years, as his health deteriorated, his finances were eventually also wiped out. Each month I sent him a small allowance. I was living overseas and had bills too so the amount I gave him was not even enough to cover all his maintenance medicine. Sadly I have to admit he didnt get all the help he needed at a time it would have been really useful to him.

My Dad's generosity didnt stop though. He took in stray little animals he found abandoned on the roadside and brought them to his apartment in the province and took care of them.  

He used one of those adopted cats as his model when he made this painting for me on my birthday.

My husband and I flew from Singapore one time to visit my Dad. During that trip we chipped in to have a pipe installed in his house. It was odd but his apartment didnt have running water.  On that visit,my Dad bought us cold beers and sizzling sisig and barbecue. I think Ive mentioned that in one of my previous post, but yeah I remember it so vividly. I appreciate how he made me feel important all the time. Not just on that particular visit, but everytime I came to see him, he always prepared a special dish for me.

A few months before he passed away, he still bought me chips, fruits and chocolates during his trips to the supermarket. He even got me brand new flip flops and a small knockoff D&G bag from the palengke. I brought that tiny bag with me here to NYC. 

The pain of losing him has gradually waned and its a bit of a relief for me. I have felt so hollow for over a year and it was unhealthy. Besides, if my Dad was around, he would not like that at all, seeing me all depressed and shit. He would have probably told me to knock it off my system and go run and eat vegetables ( people in my country think that depression can be remedied by running and veggies).

I still miss Daddy very much. His kindness and thoughtfulness are the traits that reinforce me to do the same good deeds to my own family now. Each day me and my husband try to create wonderful memories, . Because at the end of the day, this is what's important, life, love and making the most out of any situation,with or without money.  

I cant help but be grateful, I have been given a great Dad who has taught me what really matters.

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