Feb 15, 2012

Daily thoughts - Happy Hearts Day!

Last year I celebrated Valentines day in the veterinary clinic because my baby girl Thumper was very sick. It was sad... My husband was millions mile away and my sweet kitty seemed like she was going to die.

But this year, things are all in my favor.  I cant be any happier. Im with the love of my life and my 3 cats are also here with us.



Plus Valentine's Day was full of surprises too.

my gift to my mom
my gift to the hubby
gift to the hubby
the cute card for the hubby
He got me surprises too!

A sketchbook and a pencil purse. I love it!

Im not really a "flowers" type of person but I was really touched..yihee cheesy.

And for that cheesiness, I made dessert, cheesecake! lolz.

I also cooked dinner but Ill be dedicating a separate post about it.

Hope you all had a wonderful Valentines Day as well!!
Valentines Day

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