Feb 27, 2012

Daily thoughts - a new home for Murgeet

Murgeet has finally been adopted out. It is also quite interesting to know that the person who took her in is not someone from my long list of facebook friends. I tried to put the word out on the social networking site because I was getting desperate. It was almost time for me to leave the country. It was exasperating to look for potential adopters. I guess no one wanted to take the dog because she was no longer a puppy or worse because she is an Askal or Aspin (Asong Pinoy or local dog).

I was too worried to leave Murgeet in that house because she had a sad plight since my Dad passed away. I'd hate to later find out that she died because of neglect too.

Im both happy and yet sad to know that our family pet has found a new home. Sad because it just seems wrong that the only pet that actually belonged to my Dad, had to be adopted out because nobody at home wanted her. I am also overwhelmed with guilt because I cant take her with me. But somehow I really am glad that someone is going to take good care of her from now on.

I havent forgotten the pets back home though. I continue to provide for their monthly "stipend". My sister in law and one of my brothers are doing a great job making sure the allowance is allocated to the remaining pets. Im not doing this to come across as kind or generous. I just love these animals and its sad I cannot adopt all of them. I know I cannot save all the animals in the world. But these pets at home I probably can.  I can save them from starvation a day at a time. The value of the money I make here but spent in my country will go a long way..

So who adopted Murgeet?

Ate Mariel, the household help and a good friend of mine, stepped in to bring Murgeet and her little puppy, to their humble home. They arent rich and dont even have internet connection.

But she didnt need facebook to be a real friend to me. She didn t have to have money to impress me  or show her generosity. I am grateful to her kindness and for that I would gladly compensate her in every way I can.

I feel kind of disappointed also that none of my friends wanted any of the cats or dogs up for adoption. I dont want to make any conclusions about it but I wonder if it is that difficult to adopt at least one pet.  I spent the entire year taking care of the many pets at home. It was yes a little taxing, but I think one animal isnt that much trouble.  I brought 3 cats already to the US and am in the process of bringing 3 more.

Why cant some people share their homes to at least one pet? Why is it so difficult to love one cat or dog?

I say it with conviction that there is nothing quite like sharing your life with a pet. I pity those who have valid reasons on why they cant keep a pet- like allergies or have to travel too frequently and cannot look after an animal. But to those who prefer to live without pets for the flimsy excuse that they want to keep their homes immaculately clean or worry about their expensive furnitures , they are missing out a lot in life.

As for Murgeet, she left her home of 5 years, on that cursed street where dogs are regularly run over  like mere twigs. She left the big white  house with a fancy car parked right in front of it.  The house with those people who live in it that go to church every Sunday... to that family who would pray the rosary at night and sometimes invite the neighbors over for prayer meetings and block rosary. They who pray but wouldn't show any kindness to the animals who are also creations of the God that they worship.
"I care not much for a man's religion whose dog and cat are not the better for it. "
-Abraham Lincoln


  1. All the best to Murgeet. My heart goes out to those sentient beings, almost always ones without malice nor greed, whose lives are so precarious that they have no say where they end up. Only good fortune and an act of kindess will save them from a life of misery.

  2. maraming salamat Kuya Ted. charity starts at home doesnt seem to apply to Murgeet's case though. im also relieved that she is in better hands now. I can still monitor her even from afar. Ate Mariel sends me update thru my globe number.


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