Mar 7, 2011

Daily thoughts - Neglect = abuse

One of the dogs next door is probably 9 month old. Her name is Docman. When I first got here, she was a still a puppy. Still adorable and cute and was allowed to stay in the driveway within the gated part of the house. But last November or December, ( Im actually not sure when) they moved her next door (on an abandoned house and lot). She isnt my dog but I give her dogfood (kibbles) when I can afford it. Sometimes it would be left overs or table scraps.

She is one of the 4 dogs that I frequently witness being neglected and starved.


This dog has been barking almost non stop for 2 days. She seems to rest for only 30 minutes to an hour then  goes back to barking again. I wonder if she is trying to bark herself to death. Yesterday I went running and the dog was just watching me. After I was done with my workout, I took the dog from its leash and brought it at the back of our house and gave it a bath. The water was cold but she seemed to have enjoyed being held at least for a short while. I also gave her some food and water. I tied her in our garage  for her to relax on a cleaner area at least for the night. This morning, the owner tied her back in her old spot.

Yesterday afternoon I  fed Docman and the other 3 dogs with rice and whatever left over food I had because it was barking incessantly again probably from hunger. I feed these animals almost everyday and also give them water. The only time I fail to give them anything is when I have to stay overnight at my friend's house prior to a race.

A few months ago I let the dogs run around freely. The problem with this is they started tearing the garbage bags open and shitting in the garage, which of course pissed off its owners. Also they took that out on me. So I didnt interfere anymore on how they would like to treat their pets. But there were days that Id see the dogs sit there next door while its raining and also hear them cry or howl in the middle of the night most probably because it is cold. Id also find their bowls empty and not even a drop of water was ever given to them for most of the day even if it is clearly scorching hot outside.So Id walk up to their pitiful living area and give them water and also whatever Im having for lunch.


Wet floor where the dogs sleep

Murgeet and her puppies

December 2010

The photos above were taken last December 2010 . These dogs were left on the side of this house while people blew up loud firecrackers to celebrate the new year.

Just imagine how terrified they were. I wanted to bring them inside our lot but the owners refused. They said the dogs would just make a mess.

Murgeet had these little puppies last December 17 2010. I didnt even know she was pregnant given how emaciated she looked all the time. These dogs didnt even have any wood or cardboard to serve as their makeshift beds. I had to go there and put something for them. I was very pissed to discover that someone just fed them rotten spaghetti and put it near their sleeping area and it had red ants all over it. I had to light up some wood to kill all those ants.

Despite the fact that these animals were starving, they didnt eat the spaghetti. Why? because its is spoiled! I wonder what kind of brain this woman has who gave them this food. Does she think that just because these are dogs they are incapable of sensing when something is not suitable for their consumption? I even asked the woman, what makes her think that what she cant eat can be eaten by her pets?

Murgeet's puppies

Murgeet in November 2010

Murgeet in front of my store November 2010
My husband is equally irked by the lack of compassion shown by the owners of these dogs. He even left these comments about Murgeet :

She's a good dog.  Just starved for attention and care
The owners of those animals are a bunch of retarded, abusive, neglectful fuckers.
Really, honey.  You should take photos of that dog and try to get it adopted out. Put it on the welfare sites.

i dont know what this shit is but this was being fed to the cats downstairs.

different angle, still looks disgusting to me.
These people dont deserve to have pets. The only reason they are keeping these dogs is so there will be someone to watch over their house when they are away which is ridiculous and unfair. The treatment they are showing these animals is worse than just shooting them in the head.

Ive emailed the animal welfare society and Im just waiting for them to reply. For now, I endure in silence along with these dogs. The dog is still crying tonight. Tomorrow I will give them food and water again..but whats gonna happen to them if they are still here when I eventually leave this year?

I can only imagine. I had a pitbull before I left for Singapore 3 years ago. He was a beautiful, charming, sweet dog. He lived up to 8 years old. I sent money for his food. The same goes for my cat Fishy. I would come home every 6 months or a year. Everytime I came home, my pets would look more frail than they did the last time I saw them. Then Id just get news that theyve died.

Lazybone and orange


Fishy in my room
The sad part of this story is that my family owns these dogs and setting a good example by treating them right doesnt seem to work on them.

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