Mar 9, 2011

Daily thoughts - I won I won again!

This afternoon I turned on my pc to send an sms message using Chikka. I ran out of sms credits and I was too lazy to go to the nearest store and top up my phone. Since I was online, I quickly checked on my facebook updates too. One of the fanpages i like had this on their wall :

I noticed that only 3 people have given answers. A golden opportunity! I wrote the names of my two favorite female runners from the 80's.

An hour after I posted my comment, the admin replied to inform us that we won!

I am so happy! This is the second time Ive won something online in just a matter of weeks! Im really ecstatic because I dont really want to spend money on races if I can help it. I want to focus on providing food for my 4 cats and also the other pets that live in my parents' house. So this really came in as a pleasant surprise!

Now I have 9 days to prepare for this event. Not that Im really eyeing to win the major prizes, I just want to get a good time for the 10km run. I havent been consistently running the past few weeks and my workout has been stalled at week 10 and have not progressed at all. This is a great reason for me to concentrate again and focus on my upcoming race. What a wonderful motivation!

Yey for freebies!

Running quote of the day : "Nothing is going to be handed to you -- you have to make things happen."-Florence Griffith Joyner


  1. Congratulations! I'm jealous. I rarely, if ever, win freebies.

  2. well you should try joining more!=)


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