Mar 31, 2011

Daily thoughts - still missing Daddy

It has been 6 months since my Dad  passed away. I honestly cant believe it has been that still feels like it was just yesterday. Ill give it another 6 months before I can say Im better.  It still feels raw and painful especially when I remember that very sad morning. Each day is a struggle but I know one day I will finally be happy again. I know at least he isnt in pain or suffering anymore..however that thought doesnt make it easy. I still dream of him and think of him especially when Im cooking his favorite dish or simply when Im feeding his pets. I love my Dad. he was larger than life. My inspiration and my hero. I miss him everyday.


  1. First, my 15-yr old dog died in May 2004. Then, my Dad died in April 2005. Then, my very good friend and officemate passed away in November 2005. It was like fate mowed down all those who were extremely precious in my life, in succession.

    My Dad was a good father and provider. He protected his family. From him, I took my intellectual curiousity and a voracious reading habit. Even after death, my father's goodness still lives in me. By his example and under his guidance, I developed into a good and decent man like him. In many ways, I am the personification of his goodness. In this sense, he isn't completely gone. He lives on through me and in my memory. And so does your father in you...

  2. I'm still sorry to hear such a good man passed away. He should have been with us longer. He's much more deserving than some other people I know. You can always talk to me about it.

  3. @Chessbuff. Thank you on your very generous compliment. I appreciate your sharing that information. I hope that the legacy my Dad left, the unconditional love for animals,I can also impart to my kids.

    @Brad. Thank you..


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