Mar 12, 2011

Daily thoughts -A very unREWARDING experience with Banco De Oro

Six months ago I was encouraged by a bank employee to open an account at BDO and avail of their rewards card. I had no idea what it was so I picked up a brochure and browsed through it. I wasnt interested but the kind lady had told me that I will get the card mailed to me in a couple of weeks. I didnt really wait but one time while I was at the bank checking on when my internet banking will be effective, I went ahead and asked how long is the turn around time. I was told it was 2- 3 weeks.
 By October, I still havent received my rewards card so I sent them an email.

The letter says 2-3 weeks. Take note of the date, this was October 8th. 2- 3 weeks elapsed and I still havent received the card so I sent them a follow up email.

It was almost November but still I have not received the card they promised. On November 8th (a month after they informed me that they will send it within 2-3 weeks) I received this response from them.

This was after I sent them an email inquiring on when I am expected to get their letter. After a week, they replied that that they will check with their relevant department regarding my concern.

Strangely, I got a hard copy of a letter mailed to me instead, but again no card. It just informed me that the card was sent to the branch where I opened my account. This was contrary to what I was told back in September and as stated on their emails. I told them that I refuse to go to their branch to pick up the card. First of all they have made me wait for almost 2 months and secondly they told me it will be mailed to me! I was never told beforehand that Id have to get it from the branch  (refer to emails and it was indicated will be MAILED TO YOUR BILLING ADDRESS). Unfortunately, I got tired of taking screenshots around December so I wasnt able to include here what I emailed them that month.  I scanned their November letter.
I even mentioned that I am appalled at their inconsistent and misleading advice. I added that if they insist I go to the branch, I might as well terminate my account while I am there. I dont know why their internet banking facility deletes old emails but maybe its for housekeeping and to keep their portal uncluttered. Good thing, I decided to capture all messages from January onwards.

By January 23 (3 weeks after the start of another year) still no card. 

3 weeks and no card yet

they mention 2nd week of January

It was also ODD that they claim the letter was returned to sender. Ive received 4 packages from the USA, excluding letters  none of these letters nor packages were ever rejected or returned to sender. I wonder why they say that their supposed mail was RETURNED TO SENDER unless again they are trying to cover up the fact that no mail was ever sent to me. Also, I received their November letter so what made them say that I needed to verify my billing address?

And even after they have claimd that a replacement card will be sent to me, I never received it to this day.

I was getting tired of their excuses and obvious LIES. This is the most incompetent bank perhaps I have encountered. I wasnt interested  in getting the card anymore at this point but I wanted them to clarify to me why they made me wait for that long. I just didnt like being lied to.

I wrote them on January 26 2011 to emphasize that it has been 4 months since they have promised me that they will be mailing the card in 2-3 weeks.

I figured since they claim that the card was sent on January 25 maybe I would get it in 3- 5 days. But that is if it is indeed true that they have mailed it.

Come January 31, still no card.

BDO email January 31

my feedback January 31 2011

Even after this correspondence, one would expect that the bank should have taken the initiative to resolve the issue. After all, I didnt ask for this card. It wasnt a big deal, it was their idea. But I was aggravated because I dont understand why this bank was feeding me with all these crap information and let their lies snowball and now they cannot seem to dig themselves out of that avalanche of LIES. Im very insulted. It would have been better if they could have just told me, oh we're sorry, we found out you dont qualify. I would have accepted it. Its just a benefit card and it isnt supposed to have an impact on my saving. Its not like I could afford to buy a car if I kept using their rewards card. I just felt cheated and treated like a FOOL.

On February 3, I received their typical mechanical response informing me they regret the inconvenience. This time however, they were trying to verify whether I have received their mail.

They claim they tried to call me on numerous attempts. I wonder why it never went through? I dont see any missed calls on my phone. I did receive sms from them telling that the card is on transit and later on asking if I have received it where I replied I havent.

On March 1st I received several calls (FINALLY AFTER 5 MONTHS!) from a Mr Jonathan. He was really pleasant and  tried very hard to assure me that he will do everything he can to follow through with his promise. He was also very apologetic and even asked my opinion or input.

I told him, Ive worked in bank and this kind of service is totally unacceptable. From the start, they should have just arranged for me to pick up the card at the branch closest to where I live. That could have saved them postage fee and at the same time, they didnt have to keep modifying their service standard information everytime they would respond to my inquiries. In short, they didnt have to LIE. But the problem was, they kept giving me inconsistent statement until it got to the point that they found themselves cornered because their statements were beginning to contradict the previous ones. Its like they didnt even bother to read what they previously wrote! They just kept replying. I didnt feel empathy at all when they claim to "regret causing me inconvenience".

Mr Jonathan told me that he is now closely monitoring the delivery of the replacement card. He has also advised me he that will update me. I told him I dont really care about the card anymore, but I do want an explanation on what happened. And if its the post office that has caused this problem, they (BDO) have to come up with hard evidence to prove it. Like I said, its not the card that matters here, it's their integrity.

Im still giving Banco de Oro this chance to redeem itsel. But if you ask me, honestly, Banco de Oro can shove that card up their ass. I dont give a shit about it and Im tired of listening to their lies. I will not recommend this bank to anyone I know. Its unfortunate that I do find their internet banking facility quite impressive. But,what good is that facility if a bank cant deliver a promise? Its like going to a restaurant where the food is good but the service sucks and the waitress spits on your burger after youve waited for an hour.

Before March is over, I wonder whether I will get another, we regret for causing you inconvenience letter. And whether I should reply with an I regret banking with you assholes.

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