Mar 1, 2011

Daily thoughts - I won I won!

This is the first time I won anything online and I didnt expect it to be this exciting! Ive tried joining two previous contests to win a race kit but I wasnt too lucky. This time around I joined a contest on facebook called Share with Unilab ActiveHealth your best “active health” photo. This can be your best moment during a sports event, bonding time with your family/friends, etc.

The mechanics of the contest are as follows:

  • Upload your best “active health” photo in the wall of Unilab ActiveHealth FB page ( and explain why this is your best “active health” moment.
  •   Tag 5 friends who you think need to jumpstart their journey to active health.
  •   Invite your friends to like your entry.
  •   Add in the comment area of your photo from which blog did you see this contest.
  •   Submission of photo entries will be from Feb. 3 to 10 only.
Photos will be judged based on the following criteria:
  •   Adherence to the theme of “Active Health:” 50%
  •   Fan favorite: 30%
  •   Unilab ActiveHealth Team favorite: 20%
The best “Active Health” entry will win one complimentary registration (any category, including 500-meter dash) to Run United 1 2011.

Well I didnt win the race kit. I missed one instruction which I couldlnt find on the mechanics above. I was told afterwards that I should have written an entry in my blog about this upcoming contest. I also almost missed providing my email when the announcement for the winners was made since I was so busy the entire week when my cat Thumper was confined at the veterinary clinic.
I didnt know what part I missed until now

 I was lucky I remembered to check the Unilab fanpage (after Thumper was discharged) if by any chance I won the contest. I found this on my wall!

I was just a runner up but it didnt matter, I got a free goodie bag!

the winning photo
The goodie bag was worth 500PHP. The delivery fee was 240.80. In short, its almost the same as the amount to get in the race..I still feel bad I didnt win the race kit. I really wanted to run that 21k and dedicate it to my husband who will be celebrating his birthday this weekend =(

Its fine I guess, but hopefully next time I get a race kit AND also a goodie bag=)

goodie bag!
contents: energy drink, paracetamol tablets, ibuprofen, and 30 vitamin tablets
The freebie was a nice treat though. I already tried the drink and its delicious and its packed with vitamins and other nutrients to help prevent memory loss! It does sound like its a drink for people in their "prime" =)

Also the mailman told me that they got lost trying to find my house so they were delayed in delivering the package by one day. Our house is in the middle of nowhere. But I tried googling it and I saw the roof of our house but the name of the neighborhood is wrong.

I love getting freebies of course. But there are some that Id rather not entertain like this spammer/scammer who emailed me

Who the hell believes this crazy shit anyway? I dont know who falls for this kind of hoax but I heard it has now evolved to a dating scam. I just read this article and I couldnt decide whether the woman is stupid or the fraudster is as she claims, clever.

Im lucky Im not into online dating sites at all and also Im married now. Best of all, I am not interestedin winning millions, I just want to win a race kit=)

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