Mar 21, 2011

Daily thoughts - Saved 3 kittens and a paw!

One of our cats, Eggnog, gave birth to 3 kittens last Saturday March 19. The three kittens umbilical cord were caught in her front paw. My brother was hollering for me to go downstairs that night to tell me about it but I was too passed out in my sleep.

Eggnog and her 3 kittens
The next day I woke up around 6 am to do the laundry and I went out to check Eggnog's cage (they recently caught her abandoned by her foster parent and my brother took her back to our house). I was shocked to see her trying to bite one of her kittens and she was also obviously in pain. Then I remember the night before my brother was saying something about kittens being trapped or caught on something.  So I grabbed a potholder and a pair of scissors. I took Eggnog out of the cage too and she was crying again and biting the head of one of her kittens because their movement was causing her severe pain.  I put the pot holder on top of the kittens so that Eggnog wouldnt bite them but I was also worried her teeth may sink into my hand. I looked at the convoluted cord and I was scared I would sever the navel of the kittens. But it was an emergency, it might be too late if i bring them all to the vet. I took a deep breath and snipped one kitten from the cord. No bleeding. Thank God I sighed. NOw 2 more. I cut the second kitten's cord, and then moved on to the next kitten.

I was so relieved to cut them loose from the cord and also to see that there was no bleeding. Eggnog licked the umbilical cord from her front limb and I was glad to see that there seemed to be no permanent damage on her paw. I was so worried that the delayed medical attention may have compromised her blood supply.

Eggnog's injured paw..looks a little nasty

It was a real touch and go moment! Im so happy that the kittens are alive and well. As for the mummy cat she seem fine and was able to walk (although limping a bit) to get some water and kibbles.

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