Mar 5, 2011

My favorite day

Remember this?

On Nov 13, 2007, at 7:52 AM, $#@nuf* wrote:

why i love you

1. for making me smile all the time
2. for surprising me with wonderful gifts
3. for making me feel beautiful
4. for being loyal to me
5. for letting me feel good about myself
6. for letting me read your schoolwork
7. for being so thoughtful
8. for inspiring me to be better
9. for loving your family
10. for taking care of your mom
11. for including me in your plans
12. for stimulating me intellectually and otherwise..hehehe
13. for making me laugh
14. for making me realize i can love again
15. for being my sunshine in a cloudy day
16. for not getting tired of my ranting
17. for educating me how to use a computer
18. for making me feel im worth it..
19. for giving me a whole lot of reason to wake up smiling
20. for letting me appreciate life more
21. for making me think of more reasons why i love you....

I know I wrote you this almost 4 years ago. none of the things I love about you have changed, the list just got longer.

And here is what you said about me

Why I Love You

1. for making me smile
2. for giving me something to look forward to every day
3. for sending me adorable gifts that remind me of us
4. for thinking so deeply
5. for loving so passionately
6. for being independent
7. for loving animals and children
8. for being a hard worker
9. for being so dedicated to me even when it made you lose hair
10. for being so cute when you blush or are surprised at something I say (from the web cam)
11. for sharing your thoughts and ideas with me
12. for feeling you can turn to me with your ranting
13. for being excited about my visit and making plans for it
14. for making me feel handsome
15. for telling me I am worth it
16. for loving to read and learn
17. for wanting to run a marathon with me
18. for being kind to my mom
19. for taking care of your dad
20. for teasing me about your cats and making me laugh
21. for not giving up when times are tough...

You have renewed my faith in many things. You made me even embrace my past and all the painful things I experienced because I wouldnt have met you if hadnt tread that path. You are my miracle in this life and I thank the Lord each day for giving me a blessing like you.

Happy Birthday Sweetie!!!!

Since you are a big boy now, here is something more appropriate for you!

Spanish Profile Graphics and Comments

Here is your cake!!
My favorite cake on your birthday. Hehe
Kitty wants to sing you a Happy Birthday!

And here is another one since you're currently learning Spanish

GIANT WTF?? hahaha!

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