Mar 21, 2011

Daily thoughts - I won I won..but I failed to show up

A few days ago I wrote an entry about how I won a race kit for an All Women's run to be held on March 19 at the Mall of Asia. I was really very excited over it. The day before the race I went to R.O.X at the fort to pick up my freebie. 4 hours prior to that I showed up for a job interview and got an offer in 2 hours. It was turning out to be a really great day. After I accepted the job offer, I was so happy thinking now I can raise the money for my cats vaccination shots and also Boomer's surgery.

I was at the employer's building from 1pm to 4pm.Traffic wasnt that bad but I had to wait for the HR to prepare my contract. I left the office at around 4pm and hurriedly took the train. I sent an sms to the contact person (for the race kit)  named Ronald that I was on my way. I was  grateful to him for patiently waiting for me coz I was late for 2 hours.

The train ride to Ayala staion from Shaw was chaotic. The line was really long and it was packed. When I finally got to the Ayala station, I still had to wait again this time for the fort bus which almost took forever. I made it to R.O.X a little past 5pm. When I go tthere, Mr Ronald gave me an Athena bag with my race pack and also a complimentary box of Athena Milk! =) I bid him goodbye and apologized for being so late!

I took the Fort bus again to go to EDSA then boarded the mrt to go back to Shaw station. It was pandemonium. I was already on the women/handicapped/old people section but still I could barely squeeze in. I let 3 trains go by before I decided I had to get on the next one otherwise itll be dark when I get to town.

When people got on at Guadalupe station I had a fit. I had to yell for some of the boarding passengerthat there was no more room and they had to wait for the next train. The old man beside me was literally plastered on the glass panel behind the train driver. I couldnt even raise my arm to scratch my head from where I stood. There was no need to hold on to any post or railing to avoid falling when the train would stop. It was just too packed like sardines.

It was an agonizing short ride that really traumatized me. When I finally reached my destination, the passengers who were about to get on had to literally yank me out so I could alight the train. Apparently some of the passengers inside didnt want to go out of train even for a short while to let me through. Maybe out of fear they wont be able to get back on. I appreciated the help given by the passengers, however i hurt my ankle just to get out of that hell ride. I was limping on my way up the escalator. 

Needless to say, I wasnt able to show up for the race the next day. Tragic right?

Define irony. You pick up your race kit but you arent able to join the race because of an injury sustained during that pick up. FAIL.
I was really disappointed because this could have been my first free race and also there were tons of giveaways during the event.

My goodie bag had a carton of milk inside and a nice singlet.

The freebie milk was good.

And I loved the racerback design of their singlet. Unfortunately, everytime I will use this during future workouts, I will be reminded of that horrible experience at the MRT.

Front view of singlet (sorry i look goofy in this photo)
Lesson learned. Next time its better to just pick up the race kit during the race itself or earlier in the day (prerace). Or dont take the train at all.

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  1. I'm sorry to hear you injured your ankle and you weren't able to run. The trains there definitely are pretty crazy.


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