Mar 2, 2011

Daily thoughts - How is Boomer?

2 months ago, I thought my cat Boomer was going to die. Both of her eyes got severely infected and it looked horrible that it drove me to tears when Id hear her cry in pain. Ive brought her to the vet a couple of times and they all told me the same thing, that she was just too young for the surgical procedure. Nevertheless, I was very grateful that a couple of kind people have reached out to me to help. I was able to raise the money needed for Boomer's surgery.

January 10 2011
Boomer after a couple of weeks


Her little box with Blanket and Winnie the pooh hand me down doll

For some weird reason, she likes to hang out here than on her bed. January 15 2011

January 18 2011
A week after I brought her to the vet clinic, the swelling subsided just like what the doctor said. I had to instill antibiotics everyday and also artificial tears. The antibiotic is supposed to be given only for a week because I was told that the bacteria will become resistant if I give it longer than the prescribed period. Right now Boomer have some discharge every now and then but she seem very healthy and is never lethargic.

Snuggling next to Enchong
With naughty Enchong

Enchong picking on her again

January 21 with Enchong

She likes to scratch my yoga mat. January 27 2011

January 27 2011

Purring when I touched her. January 27 2011

She has improved a lot and always has a good appetite and has put on weight! She is also very playful and affectionate. I gave her a bath recently and put some antiflea solution called Accurate to ensure she doesnt have any fleas.  There are 7 cats in the house downstairs and they are both indoor and outdoor cats so I have no control over them when they in case bring in fleas. Sometimes when I go out of the room Enchong would bolt out of the room too. He would play with the other housecats. Im sure that during that play play time  some baby fleas have managed to hop on Enchong's fur. I plan to buy Frontline once I have the money. But for now I think the Accurate will do. I cant let them cats have any fleas jumping around and causing them and me some weird disease.

My only boy cat Enchong already had his bath 2 days ago. My  older cats Dapper and Thumper are scheduled for a bath too. However I have to set a special date for it and be ready. Its hard to give a bath to my 2 bigger cats. It takes two people to accomplish this feat. Dapper also likes to show her great displeasure on this ritual by shitting all over the bathroom floor. Yeah its pretty nasty. 

Boomer likes to sleep on the laundry

Hanging out with Big sister Dapper

Her favorite spot in the room. I put a small pillow there

She really loves her tiny spot near the bathroom

Enchong trying to squeeze in with her Feb 20 2011

After a bath. Feb 25 2011

Making sure she is dry while I rubbed her fur with Accurate

i think the accurate is already working. i see a flea!
The good news is, her operation is no longer an emergency like I though of 2 months ago. The vet has instructed me to bring her in when she is about 5-6 months old.

My cat Thumper was hospitalized for a week last Valentine's day until the 21st of February. Boomer's surgery money came in handy during this time and now Thumper is doing so well its hard to believe that she almost died just a week ago. Im grateful to the people who have tried to help out with Boomer's surgery..its because of their contribution that saved my Thumper's life.

Doppleganger? Enchong and Thumper

Thumper passed out on the scratch post

Cleaning up!

draped on a pillow

vet final bill

deposit for confinement

Now that all cats are doing okay, I feel more confident to go out of the house and find a temporary job. Since Boomer's surgery will be done probably by April, I'll have enough time to find a job and eventually afford Boomer's required surgery. I have some job interviews lined up next week. Ill have to give up tending the store temporarily because the profit isnt enough for me and my cats to live off. And now its not just my cats in the room. I have taken on the responsibility of feeding all the other cats in the house and also the 4 dogs that belong to my family. I will have to write a separate post to share my story and this enduring problem we have at home when it comes to caring for these pets. I feel sorry for all of them when I move overseas sometime this year. I wonder whats gonna happen to all of them. I love animals but like what my husband and friends say, I cannot save them all.

Boomer most recent photo March 2 2011


Enchong kicking Boomer out of her own bed

The mainstay cats and dogs in the house

Squid and Maki

Glory our 15 year old cat

Squid, Maki and the new cat Ingay



Arnold (she is a girl)

Murgeet and Docman next door

Pepper. last year with her brood Enchong, Dingdong and Piolo. Only Enchong survived.
filthy bowls for the dogs


Murgeet's puppies, Phil and James. James was already adopted.

For now I do want to rant a bit on these animals living condition. It is horrible how they treat these animals. They arent beaten up or anything like that but they let them starve most of the time. If I hadnt stepped in decided to feed them, theyd probably just die from starvation. Unfortunately, I really cannot take all of the cats and dogs with me. It is sad when I think of it but these pets here have to be adopted out. Right now I may be feeding them but it has been financially draining to me. Thank God I have a sack of rice to last for probably 2 more months. Its also a good thing that like me, these animals love rice! 

The pets here arent really mine to begin with. I came home here 9 months ago to take care of my dad and most of these pets were already here. I feel sorry for the kind of life they have especially now that my Dad is not around to take care of them. When I move out of this house, I hope I have found a better home for these poor animals.

As for Boomer and the rest of the gang in my room, they are all coming with me. Im taking her  along with my older cats Dapper and Thumper. Enchong is joining us too. Originally, I was supposed to give Enchong away. But when he was thrown away last December, I realized how much I missed him and I would never want anyone to ever abandon him again like that. I just hope my cats will like snow=)

image source

Last January I was asked by a family member that since Boomer is blind, why do I have to bring her to the US with me, might as well put her out of her misery. This comment came from someone who never bought kibble, kitty litter, nor pet bowls in her entire life, yet had the nerve to tell me that my cat should just be euthanized because she is blind. I wonder who is really blind in this picture. Is it my cat or this woman who is more concerned about making her house bigger and nicer to impress other people but  doesnt give a shit about the animals who live here. I find it tragic how some people put a high regard on looking good than actually being good.

Here is a video of Boomer while I was wiping her. We are listening to Ms Saigon=)


  1. This is a very nice post. I like all of the pictures. It's really a shame that some people refuse to take responsibility for the pets in their house, and instead push that responsibility onto other people. I hope you're able to adopt out those pets.

    Boomer looks really lively in that video. =)

  2. I suggest that you contact PAWS at about those two dogs next door. Attach your photos to your email. PAWS can send someone out there to talk to the owners about responsible pet ownership and make life better for those dogs. They are worth the effort.

  3. @Brad Thanks! yeah i hope someone will be kind enough to get at least one or 2 cats. Boomer is so energetic and active! Its hard to believe she is blind at all.

    @Chessbuff thanks a lot! I will definitely get in touch with them.


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