Aug 27, 2014

Daily thoughts - Daily positives

I completed my 4 days of positive challenge but I decided that if I have the time, I would like to highlight he 4 things that made my day.

1. Waking up refreshed and happy, in the company of my bashert and our 3 babies=)

2. Checked the id number of Pluto on google and he is still on the Downey shelter website. That means, they haven't euthanized him yet.. Im still praying and hoping someone out there would read my article and share it with a potential adopter or rescue group. 

3. Ran 4 miles today. I was feeling a little tired and not quite in the mood for it, but i still managed to finish my run in less than 45 mins, pace of 10:20 which isnt so bad. Thank God for giving me that extra energy!

4. And just like yesterday's positive, I want to say again I am grateful to be alive, healthy and with internet connection d a fridge full of food!. I cooked seitan curry today too and the hubby said it was really good=) 

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