Aug 28, 2014

Daily thoughts - Daily positives

Today I spent most of the time just relaxing and preparing little meals for me and the spouse. We went downtown for our wednesday evening classes. its past 2 am here but I still wanted to do my daily positive because I cannot help but be grateful for each day I am alive, healthy and in the company of those I love. 

1) I dont know how to make this one sound really positive.  My friend's brother was murdered 2 months ago and I didnt know it was him until I went over the news article. The man's name is Enzo Pastor and he is an international race car driver from my home country. the first of his kind to rise to that kind of status and prominence. His promising life was taken in one terrible instant on the night of June 12, 2014. He was brutally, mercilessly murdered on his way to Batanggas to transport his race car for a scheduled competition. Check this link on the recent update about his case.  

So why is this part of my daily positive. This is obviously a tragedy and this news actually made me sick to my stomach this morning. His sister is my age and we came from the same university. on the other hand, Enzo and my brother are from the same highschool and came from the same batch. I cannot imagine how id deal if this incident happened to my baby brother. 

In my home country, justice is elusive. finding suspects in high profile cases as such is like finding a needle in a haystack.  

The good news is the cops have arrested the suspects in the grisly murder of Enzo. I dont know what to make of the widow because currently she is still at large and is also a suspect. I honestly dont want to judge her because the investigations arent over yet. But im just glad that the nbi (our countrys version of the fbi) have done a good job in swiftly finding the perpetrators of this heinous crime. 

To me that is a positive because justice is hard to come by in my country. This is a feat that despite this tragedy, we see progress as a nation when people are cooperating to help bring justice to the victim and his family.

2) Waking up alive, healthy and happy in the company of my loved ones is always among my daily positives.

3) We werent late for class today. Lol. to me that is a big deal because the train is always flaky.

4) Lastly, had a wonderful time just being with my hubby today. We had a small snack at au bon pain and when we got home I prepared some bulilit (it means tiny in tagalog) burgers for our 2nd snack. 

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