Aug 26, 2014

Daily thoughts - Four positives for my 4th day out of 4days challenge

Day 4 of 4: My 4 positives for 08/25/2014

1. I slept for 8 hours today. For the past 9 months I was employed, I seldom slept for more than 6 hours. so each day I have the privilege of being lazy is a blessing. 

2. I was offered to do a commissioned sketch yesterday by a friend. Even as I was adamant on saying sketching is just a hobby and I dont consider myself that good to actually be paid to do a drawing, my friend insisted my work is good enough. It was quite a shock but I feel very flattered.

3. I had a short chat with my baby brother (who is 6 years my junior) today and he really made me smile.I havent seen him in almost 3 years and I miss him and his family very much. 15 years ago, we lived in a studio type dormitory room in Dasmarinas Cavite. He was a freshman in college and I was freshman in medical school. He was supposed to go to DLSU Manila but instead he moved to the provincial sister school in Cavite so that he could "look after me" while I finished my degree. It was quite the opposite though coz I looked after him instead. It was quite a ride to hang out with him. He is always the life of every party and made my stay in cavite bearable. For four years we managed to not kill each other and I consider him one of my best friends in this world. cant believe it has been that long! Im just always grateful at every opportunity to communicate with any of my brothers ( I have 4!). Family is everything.

4. Just grateful to be alive, healthy and with internet connection! lol and a fridge full of food. not everyone is as lucky so i just cant help but say Thank you Lord.

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