Aug 25, 2014

Daily thoughts - Enjoying what's left of summer and trying to complete my 3rd out of 4 days of positives

Almost a month ago a facebook friend of mine tagged me in a post where I am supposed to enumerate 3 positive things for 4 days and tag friends for each of those days. The month is almost over and I have only tagged a few people and did the 2 out of the 4 day challenge. Can you believe that,  4 days and I cannot even manage to do that tiny deed. I am not going to say I have been really busy because sleeping for over 12 hours doesnt count as productive kind of busy. I know im sort of catching up for the 9 grueling months that I had to do overtime for work while cramming other activities in my packed schedule. But still picking out 3 positives for just 4 days shouldnt be hard work. I love the idea and in fact I should do it more often. So for the challenge I will just complete the 4 day request and try to do this on a more regular basis.

Day 3 of 4: My 3 positives for 08/23/2014:

1. Had a wonderful church service and I feel refreshed reading and hearing about the good word 
2. Our cat Cheesecake aka Cheesebolah was wheeled in the ASPCA ANIMAL HOSPITAL yesterday. We waited for 4 hours but he was never checked. We decided to go home and look for other reliable veterinary clinics in Manhattan online. Cheesecake did not have one major episode of sneezing and hacking the entire evening. He slept peacefully last night and was still snoring this morning.
3. Had a wonderful dinner with the spouse and watched our current favorite show Copper on Netflix without internet interruption by Time Warner. Yipee

Bonus 4. Managed to cram on a short blogpost about Pluto the dog who needs to be saved from Downey Shelter. Here's praying my friends from facebook would share the post I wrote though.

As for Summer, we didnt really do anything that grand other than see Philly to check out touristy historical hotspots. I ran a lot this month too despite the sweltering heat (not as bad as last year) and went to fort tryon and central park. We also squeezed in that trip to staten island a month ago where we visited the historic richmond town. i loved it.  later this week we will watch a baseball game. Im not that crazy about baseball because Im not American but who knows I might enjoy this upcoming game. 

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