Jul 25, 2010

Daily thoughts - High School of the Dead

Im currently hooked on a recently aired anime called High School of the Dead.

I havent really read too much reviews on it but personally I really like it because Im into zombie movies plus I love anime. Its on its 3rd episode only and the story is just getting better. The characters are all interesting and the visuals are fantastic.I am a little shocked tnough that some of the scenes are a tad graphic. I mean, the gore and also the part that guys like (ass, tits and a peek of some knickers). Most of the characters on this show are all just too nubile for highschool.

All I could say during those parts were, WTF and jailbait. Also, a series is never complete without the usual annoying asshole character out to piss off everyone.

I cant wait to get the next episode once its out. I think this anime kicks ass.


  1. Seems to kick ass to me. I'm looking forward to the next episode too!

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