Jul 29, 2010

Daily thoughts - another busy day @ Home


Slept for only 2 hours again before I got up and hauled water. Im getting kind of used to this set up. Its annoying of course but there is nothing we can do about it as of the moment. The good thing is there is still water supply and the time is just enough for us to collect a day's worth. I went back to bed and got up at 11am.


I was supposed to show up for an interview today but I also have another offer from my previous job. I still have to go to the office though and be interviewed as a "rehire". I was also told by my friend/trainer that it will just be for formality but I will most likely get the job since I dont have any issue with the company when I left 3 years ago. I dont want to get all my hopes up but Im excited to go to the new office and see what's in store for me there.


My dad's condition seem to be worsening. He seems to also be more forgetful lately. I think he has ascites and his face and legs are constantly edematous. 3 days ago he went to my brother's store to have dinner there. I dont think he brought a flashlight with him. On his way home he tripped on a metal that was sticking out from the ground. Ive tripped on this same metal on broad daylight and my husband was cracking up coz of my clumsiness. I was not surprised that my dad lost his balance that night and almost landed on his face. I felt so sorry for him. He did not even tell us about this mishap until I saw him yesterday and he told me he could not get up from his bed. He really looked bad, like he is going to die anytime. We bring him breakfast and dinner on most days and he gets his lunch from my brother's internet cafe. Now that he has this problem with his leg he will most likely be confined to the house for several days. I wouldnt say that I prefer for him to be in this kind of condition. But he has been very stubborn and he is not following doctor's orders to stay put and not walk around too much. He already has a weak heart and there are days he would be gone for the entire morning and would show up after lunch. I dont really know what's going on in his head. I dont want to pity him because he does not want that. But although he is only 67, he looks more like he is 87 because of how his heart ailment has taken a toll on his once able body. He has been in the ICU twice in a span of 4 months. I hate to admit it but he obviously isnt getting well. I worry so much about him and sometimes I dont know how to help him because he does not listen to us. There are also times I would catch him smoking. I cant help but just shake my head in disbelief. I dont scold him anymore about it because its useless, he does it anyway. I dont want to make him feel like a prisoner so despite the fact im adamant about his vice, I just let him do whatever he wants as long as he is happy. I know I may be wrong but I know his days are dwindling. I might as well give him that option to do whatever he wants.


We had lunch at my brother's internet cafe/mini restaurant.

We had sinigang and rice. The food was really good!=)


There are 3 kittens in the house. They usually just stay on the first floor of the house. Sometimes they go upstairs to the second floor to play or camp outside our room when they are hungry. Then there are days they would stroll inside our room when I leave the door open. Sometimes invited sometimes not. I figured since they like to hang out sometimes in our room, that privilege has to come with a price - a bath! So I gave the the two kittens, Alejandro and Maki, their first ever bath.


(from L to R) Maki, Alejandro, Pepper and Squid

It was surprising because when I poured water on these two cats, they didnt seem to mind it at all. Even when I was trying to lather the shampoo on their fur. They only realized that it was cold when I was already rinsing them. Whereas our own cats Dapper, Thumper and Marble, would squirm everytime they are given baths. They act like its the first time they ever had one. On the other hand, these two kittens were unbelievably more behaved. I dont know if the reason is because the kittens sometimes play in the rain . Or simply because they arent sissies like our 3 rat babies?


I tried experimenting on my cats a few weeks ago. I have this old music box in my room that plays "you light up my life".

Every 5am and 5pm I would turn the ratchet lever or the windup key and then let the music box play, then I would put a scoop of catfood in my pets' bowls. I tried doing that one time even it was not yet the cats' feeding time. Of course they bolted from their sleep to survey the room for their food. I can tell they were dismayed to find out it was a trick!I know it sounds mean but I thought it was amusing. But now I dont make fun of them anymore. I still play the music box though before giving them breakfast or dinner.


Today we had adobo style porkchops, one piece of tofu and a veggie called talbos and steamed rice. We were supposed to watch Che (Guevarra) biopic but something happened downstairs that ruined my mood. We will probably finish it tomorrow.

The day was eventful although I just stayed at home. Im sure Ill miss this once I start working again.

Good night!

Dapper and Donkey

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