Jul 25, 2010

Daily thoughts - Water hauling, not just an art but a way of life - that I dont like

I slept for only 2 hours but I had to drag my ass to get up and collect water. Water supply has been kind of flaky for the past year and I have not gotten any clear explanation from our subdivision's developer on this. There is an option to connect the main water supply coming from the city here but I was told that this was going to be a very costly option. My Dad told me that the developer would have to excavate the residential roads and install new pipes. The ridiculous part on this though is if the residents want this installation of running water, we have to shell out at least 33,000 PHP (713.205 USD) to have it done. So what the hell right? First of all, not everyone in our area is willing to fork out that amount. And not everyone can actually afford it. People would rather use that money to buy food or pay for other important things like their kids' tuition.

I dont know what the deal is but a year ago we still had running water. Then when we came home last May 2010 for a visit, we found out that the running water came on for only 2 hours per day. It is not even enough time to get your laundry done. You would have to allocate time within the week to do that. Most of the time we just collect water in big pails and do the dishes. Laundry had to wait during the weekend when we had time. Also sometimes, the water supply lasts only for an hour and a half. Worse sometimes it is only for 50minutes.

When we moved to this neighboorhood in 1986, we used to pump water out of the ground over here. I remember way back in High School that we had to fill up a whole drum container of water. It was like that for probably a decade that it was no longer a big deal.

Our subdivision was later on bought out by a developer called ACTIVE and we then had running water from then on. So it is kind of strange why all of a sudden, the system seem backwards. With the advent of mobile phones and wireless its ironic we have reverted to the stone age style of hauling water.

This is what a water pump over here looks like:

We have one of these in our apartment in the province. it used to be the main source for water supply but we had the local water company to install running water. The water pump is used only for watering plants now and as a back up in case there is a problem with the running water. Unfortunately we dont have this old school water pump over here at our Main house in Antipolo. I would have preferred it especially now that the running water supply is so erratic.

Another thing I wish to point out is that the Developer's website proudly displays it in their ad online that we have steady water supply.

Strong and steady water pressure huh?

At the moment Im still giving these guys the benefit of the doubt. But I almost forgot to mention that I sent an email to them regarding this matter but that was a month ago and I have not heard from them. So Im not sure whether this will be rectified at all. But yeah, I am still giving them another chance.

In the meantime, we are making do with what we have. It is still not that bad considering there are places in the country constantly having a water shortage problem.

Im surprised to also discover that there are places in Big Mighty America that also has water problems. Namely in the state of Arizona and some people there have been doing it for years they no longer mind. I wonder if I would consider that though. Having the old school water pump does not seem like a bad idea. It would be economically advantageous however since we are now living on the second floor of the house Im not sure how that will work out.

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  1. Sounds like a bunch of bullshit to me. They're probably doing it just to save money by screwing over the residents.


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