Jul 9, 2010

Cats getting settled

our cats being sent off by the tomcat at Pasir Ris

We officially moved our cats home on May 6 2010 to the Philippines. Although I originally planned to stay for a duration of another year at my job, I had to change my plan because I have to take care of my sick Dad. So after only 9 days since I went back to Singapore, I flew back home to my country to be reunited with my babies.

The cats seemed to have settled in pretty well.

Fat cat boodapdap inspecting the room

Thumper inspecting her new room
Thumper getting bored
We are also slowly trying to introduce them to our other house cats. It says on the book Im currently reading (Cats for dummies) that it has to be a gradual process. It is best to confine the new cats for at least one month before the "meet and greet" session with their new feline friends.
Thumper relaxing

Mini Marble relaxing

Boodapdap cleaning herself

There are other cats in the house. Only recently, we have allowed the 3 kittens downstairs to wander in our room. They seem to be having so much fun! At first I thought they wanted to go inside our room because of the food. But I noticed now that even after Ive fed them outside, they still want to hang out to play in our room. Its also great that none of my cats are attacking any of the kittens. They hiss and growl a bit but thats about it. Of course these are all "supervised visits" hehe.

Here are some photos of the kittens hanging out:

maki and squid amused with the scratch post
Maki and Alejandro enjoying the feather teaser and oops the hubby's undies. hahaha
Dapdap and Maki coexisting peacefully

We are pleased on how happy our cats seem to be. The only hiccup on this move is finding a good pet shop for our babies. For over a month we havent had the luck of finding a decent pet store with at least Hill's science diet cat food or kitty litter other than Catsan. But for now the cats are doing okay. We are still on the lookout for better brands. That will be fine though. We will be staying here for quite awhile.

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