Jul 28, 2010

Daily thoughts - Job hunting day 4

I have an interview again tomorrow. For the past few weeks, Ive had 3 past job applications that were actually favorable but the hiring process threw me off and the offer was just ridiculous. One employer made me wait for 4 hours. Another made me take an iq and grammar exam but then can only afford to to pay me 15k PHP when passed their screening. Then there was that interview that required us to show up at 9am but I waited until 2PM. It was so distressful that I walked out, threw a fit but then interestingly, I was asked to have the interview before I walked out of the building.

Im not being arrogant but I just know what I am capable of. One interview should be sufficient for the position Im asking for. Also a salary competitive enough that it should at least be commensurate to what I can contribute and also based on my experience.
I dont know what the deal is why the hiring process lately is just going overboard. High attrition? Inexperienced interviewers? I honestly dont know. But these interviewers should practice some empathy on applicants. Nobody wants their time and money wasted. Phone interview should first be conducted to gauge if the applicant is spontaneous and has a good command in english. I dont think it is necessary to make them go to a headhunter to assess what is already written on the resume and then again make them go to the Client another day. Its just common sense. If there is a second interview at the Company's site, then it should be the final one. It is unnecessary to go through 3 interviews, (headhunter, hr and finally panel) .

Rant will continue tomorrow.Off to bed

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