May 5, 2011

Daily snapshots - Thumper's sleeping issues

Cats are so agile that even if they fall they still manage to land on their legs. This is true with my two cats Enchong and Dapper.



Even when they (Dapper and Enchong) are sleeping by the edge of the bed, I have never witnessed either of them fall.

This is not the case with my cat Thumper especially when she is sleeping.  She was born with a kink in her spine and has had trouble with balance ever since she was a kitten. Thumper is a klutz and would  fall off the bed or scratch post all the time. She cant even jump on the bed like a normal cat. She would either pull up her body by clinging on the sheets and claw her way up or sometimes she would jump and she would be standing on both her hind legs (for a few seconds) when she lands on the bed. Its quite a spectacle because it is unusual. She would be holding up her body for awhile then would slowly lower her two front legs..its cute but weird. Its uncommon that she would just jump on the bed like a regular cat which is on all fours. Just the same, that makes her no less adorable to me albeit her being gimpy.

Thumper (in front) and Enchong
Thumper likes to hang out on the upper platform of the scratchpost because she enjoys peering through the screen of the window. More often than not though, she also prefers to fall asleep there.

draped like a rag
And after a few minute she always falls. Sometimes I would check on the cats and find her about to land on the floor and I manage to scoop her up before she lands on her head, then id move her to the bed. But oftentimes i would be typing on my computer and id hear a thud. i d rush to her and pick her up, stroke her head and put her on the bed. Thumper still keeps going back to that spot despite numerous times that she has fallen and hit he head. She just wont let anything deter her from that lofty area she loves.

Sometimes she also likes to sleep in the box underneath the post.

she doesnt seem to happy though

i feel more at ease seeing her here though
I decided to put my yoga mat a in case she decides to sleep on the platform again.

yoga mat

added pillows and cat bed
The problem was, that corner just looked ugly and cluttered. Also i cant even use my yoga mat anymore for stretching since it was too troublesome to remove and put it back to that spot.

I went upstairs to our attic and salvaged some items that are scheduled to be disposed.

rubberized mats that belongs to my 3 year old niece
I feel at ease now after putting those rubber thingeys. It looks nicer too and I can systematically just add more mats like a puzzle if necessary.  The only problem now is to keep them cats from sabotaging it. The cats like to shred my yoga mat and since the material is the same, I have a feeling the colorful mats will suffer the same fate. I guess ill just have to keep a close eye on them critters.

my cats love (to tear up) the yoga mat
I moved Thumper to the bed after seeing her draped on the post

peace of mind mats
My other blind cat Boomer on the other hand does not have issues on balance or falling. Another amazing thing is she knows how to find the litter box despite all the mess in my room. Boomer has been blind since she was a kitten but she knows how to use the litter box and she even buries her piss or poop after she is done.

Lately she seem to have a penchant for sleeping on weird places in the room

Boomer and the music box

she sometimes try to sleep on top of the music box
under the tv set
on top of the carrier
upper bunk of a trolley organizer

the spot underneath this trolley was originally for dirty rags
Boomer is a smart cat though. When she was smaller, I found her on the trolley organizer among the dirty rags I was planning to wash the following day. After I saw her there, I put some clean rags on the lower portion of the trolley. Later on, I even had to clear the second section of the trolley and it served as a sleeping spot for Enchong. Nope I didnt put both of them there, they were clever enough to figure it out among themselves.

after i put a small pillow and clean rags, Enchong decided to join Boomer
Boomer sleeping peacefully without naughty Enchong

naughty Enchong upper bunk, Boomer lower bunk

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  1. Very adorable! I love all the photos of the cats!


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