May 19, 2011

Daily thoughts - Getting an NBI Hit isnt fun - part 1

Last May 12 I got up butt early (actually I was awake from 5PM onwards the previous day) to go to the NBI office at Victory Mall in Caloocan City. I read from the NBI website that I can apply for the clearance at their satellite offices near where I live. However after I talked to my younger brother, I changed my mind. He said he got his document 5 days instead of the regular same day processing. The reason he said is because he got a HIT and he said they didnt have computer technology over at that office. So I thought maybe if I went to the main office, I will get my document within the same day.

I didnt worry too much about getting a "HIT" and I didnt even bother to look up what it meant. One of my officemates told me something about it but I had to ask him again about that.  Prior to going to the NBI office, I spent a great deal of time researching on the internet what requirements I needed to bring with me. I shredded my old clearance before I moved back here last year. I forgot that I would need that when I get a renewal. So based on the website information, I had to start from scratch.

scanned copy of my old clearance in 2007
faq nbi website

The website of the NBI was clear and they even had FAQ's . I didnt see the information on their operating hours though but I relied on the internet to provide me with my needed answers. Most of the articles I read just said GO THERE EARLY.  In my country, it is true that if you want to get things done, you have to go to government agencies as early as possible. Some people even go there like 2 hours before the offices open. Some even camp out the day before. Im not sure if that apply to the NBI though. when I got my SSS at our town, there was already a mile long line and it was not even 7AM.

I also googled how to go about getting to  my destination faster. This link was useful and it provides the operating hours of the MRT, some bits of information about the train, the ticket prices and the route.

I left the house around 6AM. I got on the FX in town and the travel time was 30-40 minutes. I got off at MRT Santolan station (purple line) . From Santolan I took the MRT going to Doroteo Jose. From Doroteo Jose, I transferred to the yellow line and took the Monumento bound train.

The ticket was 15PHP for both rides.

The mall was just 5 minutes (or less) away from the Monumento station. You have to cross the street when you see the first pedestrian lane. You will know where it is because the name of the mall is very prominent and you will see the huge number of people crossing the street also going the same direction.

The entry to the mall was lined with fruit stalls and other people selling black pens and some small sheets
of paper I didnt bother to check. Majority of those who show up at that time (8AM) at the mall are there to get an NBI Clearance. Most of the stalls are still closed and the establishments that were open were Jollibee and other fast food chains only.

You will find the NBI Clearance station at the 5th floor of the Victory Central Mall. You wont miss it since
there are directions at every escalator. If you do get lost (which is unlikely unless youre a complete idiot), just follow the crowd! Just be careful however that they arent a group of thieves or schemers. Around 8m or earlier, most of the lights in the mall are still off so you might not see this huge sign:
5th floor of the mall (image source )
If you do go there during the mall's operating hours and still cannot find the 5th floor and this ginormous banner, I dont know what else to tell you.

Assuming you arent an idiot and you do find the 5th floor, you will see an overwhelming crowd. Yep you will have to join this group of people just follow the STEPS writtens in big bold letters.

Here is a flowchart for lazy dummies like me:

image source
For the detailed step by step :

Here is a snap I found on how the step process will look like when you go to the main nbi office.

image source


Actually the first step for new applicants is to fill out the form. After this, you proceed to the window where they will verify your information and check whether you wrote down the correct details.  Also you have to present a valid id. In my case I had my passport and company ID with me but they just asked for one valid ID.


    1. Company I.D
    2. Current School I.D
    3. Voter’s I.D.
    4. Postal I.D
    5. Driver’s License
    6. P.R.C License
    7. Valid Passport
    8. Valid ATM Card with Picture
    9. GSIS e-Card
    10. SSS I.D with Picture
    11. A.C.R or Alien Certificate of Registration (for Aliens)
    12. ***In the absence of any of the above, a birth certificate issued by NSO may be presented.
  2. For Renewal:
    a.)   Personal Copy of the old NBI Clearance issued not earlier than 1994. Photocopy is not accepted.
    b.)   In the absence of the old NBI clearance, applicant is required to accomplish a new Application Form (Fingerprint Card).
    For New Applicant: Valid ID of any of the following:
  4. Purpose of NBI Clearance Amount
    A. Naturalization, Cancelation on ACR, Repatriation Php 415.00
    B. Change of Name, Business License, NFA, SEC, TBC, Adoption, POEA, PRA Requirement, Permit to Carry Firearm. Php 165.00
    C. Travel Abroad, Immigration Requirement, Visa Seaman, Seaman’s Book, TBC for RTO, Marriage Requirement. Php 115.00
    D. Local Employment, Customs Pass ID, Enlistment AFP, DND, DOT Requirement, ID Purposes and Other Requirement. Php 115.00

I spent a lot of time at Step 2 because I didnt know that there was an automated payment kiosk where you can pay one 100 PHP bill and theree 5PHP coins. The long queue took almost an hour of my time. So to those reading this, thats a tip! Check out this guy's site for further information on the automated payment system.


After making the payment, bring your receipt and form over to the fingerprinting station. Warning, bring wet tissues if possible and make sure you can access it easily without having to dig through your bag with inked fingers. Why? because the guys doing this part of the process will ask you to give them 2PHP!! for what? their effort and that itty bitty piece of wet one. 2 pesos is nothing i know but damn, imagine how many people get clearances in a day?! i heard that some years ago, they used to ask for 5PHP for it. If you want to be generous, go ahead just let them rip you off one last time. I always try to justify my stance on this, its not the money its the principle! 2pesos is not a lot but hey that service should be free!


My photo came out really bad because I didnt know where to look since Im legally blind. I had to remove my glasses after the guy said in his stern tone, pakialis po ang salamin sa mata (please remove your glasses!). The man taking photos seem to have issues that morning because he grumpily commanded everyone around to look at the camera, dont smile and hurry up. I know it must be a stressful job they have and its really common to encounter rude and obnoxious government employees. I dont blame them. The job seem taxing. But nevertheless I always want to smile when someone takes a photo of me. Denied.


I dont know if it was due to step 4 but I was asked to come back on May 17 2011 because my records show I have a HIT. The sad face yielded a not so favorable result. What the hell does a hit mean???
I got mixed emotions when I saw that huge RED stamp at the back of my receipt. I honestly got worried because I remember a friend telling me before that he once lined up for his clearance and he also got a hit. The namesake or the guy he shared the same name with happened to be a murderer who was on the loose. WTF!! I left the mall feeling like shit because aside from the fact I hadnt slept, I had to wait for 5 days (since it was 3 business days + weekend). That's 5 days wondering what on earth I may have done for them to say I have a DAMN HIT! Prolonging the agony so to speak! I started running some crazy ideas in my head.

The paranoid that I am, yes I spent the evening googling all information I could get on what having a HIT means. I came up with the following results :

  • You have a criminal record
  • You changed your surname (for women who got married)
  • You have the same name with someone who has a criminal record
  • The person checking your record just got lazy
  • Another person has the same name as you
  • Youre ugly, your mugshot looks suspicious -WTF.
  •  You have some impending records with government offices, legal liabilities and contract obligations ( source)
  • better yet just google NBI hit
Okay if you are reading this, and you also got a HIT, Im not gonna tell you to relax because I would be a hypocrite if I said that. I honestly didnt, or couldnt, not for the entire evening. It is hard to imagine I can have an existing criminal or civil case since I havent even been in the country for 3years! BUT YEAH TRY NOT TO PANIC!

This guy wasnt so lucky. He got a HIT. When he came back to get his clearance, he received this document instead:

image source

Aahh the beauty and horrors of google. Ignorance is indeed bliss.Finding out all these information didnt really ease my worry.

Damn you NBI. You gave me another sleepless night. I almost cried. Bwiseett!


  1. Any act of canvassing, enlisting, contracting, transporting, utilizing, hiring or procuring workers and includes referring, contract services, promising or advertising for employment abroad, whether for profit or not, when undertaken by a non-license or non-holder of authority contemplated under Art 13 (F) of Presidential Decree No. 442, as amended otherwise known as the Labor Code of the Philippines: Provided, That any such non-licensee or non-holder who, in any manner, offers or promises for a fee employment abroad to two or more persons shall be deemed so engaged. (sec. 6, RA 8042).(

  2. Oh I see. I think I know what that's about. I read something about people in Bangladesh doing that, with the cooperation of Singapore companies.

  3. Must I be thankful then that my name is kind of bizarre?

    Thank you for these tips. They're especially helpful for a new applicant like me. I always have a pack of wet tissues with me.. didn't know they would also be handy in avoiding small-time corruption :D

    Question though: are there any other safety precautions I must take note of? Do I need to have someone with me, or bring pepper spray? Thanks!

  4. hi Anonymous, if your name is bizarre and you still got a hit, keep your fingers crossed. lolz. based on what ive read so far, uncommon names rarely ever get a hit. but im not really sure since the info i got were mostly testimonials of previous applicants.

    about the wet tissues, yup make sure you put them where you dont have to dig thru your pockets or bags after the finger printing. im sure that will surprise the manong because he expects everyone to pay for his overpriced tiny wet ones.

    haha you dont need to bring a chaperone or pepper spray. youll be ok. i do suggest you bring a 100 php bill and 3 5 peso coins. that will save you a lot of trouble from having to line up to the counter.

  5. Almost same experience just this morning at NBI Malolos. I was so disappointed because I thought after standing up for gruesome 5 hours, that I would get the clearance at the same day. (leg killed me after). just to have a freakin hit and have to come back after 2 weeks pa. Turns out my name is too common. It was not their fault but poor system and rude, ill tempered govt employees aggrevated my dismay to think I am applying for an NBI clearance in order to work at BSP. Im thinking twice now if magkaiba talaga ang work ethics ng private sa govt employees o talagang mahirap talaga trabaho sa NBI.haha. special treatment pa yung ibang NBI agents kuno, kapag babae, mabait sila at kind of flirty. sa mga lalaki, masusungit at crabby parang kriminal ka kung tignan. Somehow, after reading your blog, I was kind of rid of irritation, knowing that I'm not the only one who experienced crappy govt. treatment :)


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