May 11, 2011

Daily thoughts - Boomer update

It has been 4 months since I wrote a post about my blind cat Boomer. She has grown up to be as normal as my other cats. She can find her way to the litter box and her food and water bowls. Here are some adorable photos of my baby girl over the past few months.

November 2010

December 2010

with her mum
after I "adopted" her  and Enchong and let them live in my room

a toy I got for then last Christmas
sharing her bed with Enchong
January 2011

Enchong free bed at last

laying on laundry

sharing a hand me down bed with Enchong

February 2011

utilizing my niece's soft toy bag as nap spot

shredding my yoga mat

March 2011

her "nightspot"
she likes to lay down on soiled laundry
April 2011

music box

yes i love mummy's dirty pants
May 2011

zzz on my toolbox

discovering how wonderful it is to sleep on a human bed

Thumper and Boomer sharing my bed

i hope mummy wont kick me out of the bed!
wow this spot is really very soft i feel so sleepy alread...zzzzzzz
This June Boomer will have her enucleation procedure. The surgery has been deferred several times because the vet said Boomer was too young. Last February, an emergency hospitalization for my other cat Thumper  wiped out the funds that was supposedly for Boomer's surgery. But I was able to put away some money meant for her upcoming operation. I just hope I find the right veterinary clinic. I was told that the Vets in Practice in Mandaluyong City is the best clinic out there.

A comment from one of the readers:

im sorry about the kitten's situation
but you should not have to wait 1 week for a doctor to come back.
bring the cat to Vets in Practice Animal Hospital. They are the best vet in the entire Philippines with many senior vets with experience abroad. They will do what is necessary right away and can give you the best advice. Waiting will only worsen the situation.

They are located along Maysilo St, Mandaluyong City.

The operation there might even be cheaper or they might have a better solution. Please bring the cat there asap. Ask for Dr. Donato or one of the senior vets.

VETS IN PRACTICE ANIMAL HOSPITAL is located at #63 Maysilo Circle, Plainview, Mandaluyong City (Just across Tapa King, right at the corner of Boni Avenue extension; around the Mandaluyong City Hall). They can be contacted at (02)5311581-83 or             (02)5337965      .

Im going there tomorrow so I can make a confirmation on their rates and also hopefully they have frontline spot on treatment. I havent had any luck finding the one specifically for cats.


  1. I love the photos in this post! Good luck with finding the Frontline. I'll send you some if you can't get it there. That's important for their health, since there are lots of fleas in the Philippines.

  2. love cats as well! maybe you would be interested at these post from my blog about cats:


  3. hi asiong! thanks for the comment. will definitely check out your blog too. yup I love my cats but i do love all cats in general..esp the strays. mine are stray cats i adopted.


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