May 17, 2011

Daily thoughts - A good dinner and a semi goodnight sleep

I went to town today to get supplies for me and my baby girls. I bought another bag of meow mix for them, this time I got them the original choice flavor. The price had gone up. Last month I got the 1.5kilo bag for only 237php. This time the price shot up to a whooping 285php. According to the store clerk, the price last month was wrong. I doubt that though. I guess they just realized that more people were purchasing the Meow Mix since it was way cheaper than Friskies and Whiskas. Actually if Budget Lane wasnt out of the way, Id always get Meow Mix for the babies.

Well a few additional pesos is okay as long as my cats are happy. My cat Dapper really loves this brand. The moment I opened the bag, she was just all over it.

Dapper on food coma
After feeding the other pets in the house (4 dogs, 8 cats, 4 cats in my room), I went on to prepare dinner. 
My eldest brother came over for a visit. He picked me up at the grocery store. When we got home he napped for an hour. While he was asleep I made a simple dish for him, me, my younger brother and his wife.

I bought these huge shrimps at 250php for less than half a kilo. Yeah it was pretty expensive but I havent had these for quite awhile. Plus I wanted our dinner to be special since it has been 5 months since I saw my older brother. He is very busy and travels a lot. Im sure Ill miss having dinner with my brothers once I leave so every opportunity to be with them is precious to me.

cooking em shrimps
My brother gave me instructions on how to cook the shrimps. He told me to saute some garlic and onion in butter. Once the garlic has turned golden brown, throw in the shrimps. After the color has turned orange, put some pepper and a little salt and pour the pineapple juice. Simmer. It was very simple and quick yet it turned out really good. I ended up eating a lot too and I was in bed by 10PM also in food coma like my cat Dapper.

that and lots of rice = heaven
I slept soundly but occasionally had to get up to give snack to my cats and also use the bathroom. I got up early around 4AM though and couldnt sleep anymore. I have a busy schedule today and have to run some errands. But yeah I had a good sleep albeit short. Dapper seems happy also with her dinner and the grocery I got for us. Well the soda and the rest is mine. Dapper and the other critters can have the meowmix and the milk.

The fat happy (but sometimes bitchy)cat


  1. Those shrimp look delicious! I'm jealous! I'll have to try that recipe. =)

  2. i heard sprite on it tastes good too!

  3. Interesting, but the pineapple juice sounds more healthy.


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