May 3, 2011

Daily thoughts - An exceptionally annoying dog and his owner

Today i went running and brought  the 4 dogs in the house with me. They were all very happy. These dogs are never walked by its owner. This relative wants to have dogs for the mere purpose of having them watch over the house when nobody is around. Other than that, this person wont feed them edible food and would even leave them next door by the vacant lot under the unbearable sun or when its raining hard.  Yes, there are such people in the world and unfortunately I am related to one.

Anyway, going back, the dogs had fun i could tell but after an hour they were obvisouly tired so I tied them back in the house and went back to running by myself.

Everytime I run at night, I would see the neighbor's dog Danny play with the other dogs in our street. More often than not, his sprightly character seem to endanger him as well as the lives of the other dogs he plays with. There are times that cars, motorcycles and bicycles have to stop abruptly otherwise they would run over Danny and his friends. Sometimes, I have to run crisscross to avoid these dogs because Danny would suddenly run between my legs or hit me with his head because he would be chasing another dog. Danny was almost killed in an accident a few months ago and luckily he survived despite not being brought to the vet by his cheap owner. I guess I cannot totally blame the driver of the car that hit this dog because Danny is really very energetic and a little stupid based on what I have noticed over the months.

I understand these are dogs and its their nature to be playful and be oblivious to whats going on around them. However, these dogs have owners and they have a responsibility to leash their pets or at least put them away at night for their (animals) own safety.

Danny's owner is currently the president of the neighborhood where I live in. I dont have much respect for him because a few months back, he refused to help my dad during an emergency. Aside from that, he is this self righteous "man" who lectures everyone what is considered appropriate behavior and manner of dressing. Take note this comes from someone who has been a closet homosexual all his life and parades in shorts short showing his stomach churning blemish laden thighs. IMO, it is not his place to preach on something he cant even practice.You cant convince me on what constitutes the notion of "what is appropriate" when you are an uncompassionate faggot who cares more about your car seat than the life of your dying neighbor. I have nothing against gay people, only hypocrites and those with holier than thou attitude.

Well today I almost broke my face when I tripped over Danny. He was running so fast and realized that there were other dogs on the other side of the street so he decided to worm his way through my legs. Naturally, I had to avoid him and consequently I tripped and fell. I was glad my reflex was fast so I landed on my right arm and hip. I managed to get only a minor abrasion on my elbow and a bruise on my wrist. My hip hurts a bit but its nothing serious.

Danny, I really want to kick your face!

I understand he is a dog. He is not accountable for his actions. I could be alert and observant but that incident was actually unavoidable. I had four dogs earlier while running. I didnt trip. Danny was just an accident waiting to happen, unfortunately to me.  I saw how terrorized he was when I chased him with a stick. He ran even before I decided to chase him which confirms his guilt. At least he knows he was at fault, unlike some people (ehemhisowner). Dont worry Danny I forgive you, fucker.


Danny and his playmate at our neighbor's house
The thing that infuriates me though is what happened to this memo that the "president" came up with? The owner of the dog circulated a notice with instructions that all pets like dogs and cats should be locked up inside the perimeters of their owners' house. He even mentioned that cats should be leashed, another one of his idiotic agenda although he forgot to include roosters and chickens that loiter our streets and tear up trashbags laying on the curb. Of course he deliberately didnt mention the latter, he has chickens and roosters in his yard so in this case, they are exempted.

What if I got seriously injured over that accident? It would have been my fault. The faggot next door would have probably said something like "you shouldnt be jogging at night". It would be just like when like when he told me that our cats should be tied up because I complained that 2 of our cats were run over by reckless cyclists.  So tie up the cats where? to a tree? to the house? I should tell him to try catching the cats and tying them up himself. I grew up here and i have never heard of anything as crazy as this "law" he wants people to follow. Thats aside from his new rule or prohibiting videoke also during weekends. What a douchebag.

Thats right!

I wonder if his next "law: would be for people not to jog at night.

Fuck that shit. I have been running for 5 months and I like doing it at night coz it is the coolest time of the day. No faggot and his dog can make me stop doing what i love.

I will be getting a petzl headlamp soon and a big stick to ward off Danny or any dogs and rude humans who refuse to get out of my way.

That would be a nice dog to run with.


  1. I really love this post! It's really funny, but it does present some good points. The guy is obviously a hypocrite. He's trying to set himself up as a little dictator, issuing decrees to the neighborhood that he himself won't follow, otherwise why would his dog not be restricted to his own property?

    Ignore this idiot. What's he going to do anyway? Neighborhood "laws" don't trump city or federal ordinances. I'd like to see him call the police to complain about cats and dogs being left unleashed. How many are there in the Philippines anyway? There are probably tens of thousands of loose animals.

  2. if this guy lived in singapore, he would have been caned for public indecency for wearing those skimpy shorts.


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