Apr 29, 2011

Daily thoughts - a Royal Wedding and a Royal Disaster

I didnt get to watch the wedding of Princess Catherine and Prince William but honestly I wasnt really that keen on watching it anyway.

For those who missed it and want to watch the coverage, this site has photos and information about the event.

I remember when I was a kid and how my parents wouldnt let us change the channel so everyone  was forced could watch the wedding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles.

I was very young to comprehend what the fuss was all about back then. Not much has changed though. Im still apathetic to such events that cause global frenzy.

Nevertheless, I have to admit that over the years, my fascination for with Princess Diana grew. I saw her as this beautiful woman with a kind heart, privileged life, yet was unlucky in love. She was an icon and an enigma to me. I actually cried when she passed away on that fateful day.

Time indeed flew and after almost 30 years after the most watched wedding of the century, her son Prince William now weds the stunning Kate Middleton and repeats history so to speak.

I was tuned in on the other side of the news. I was worried over family and friends who live at the Southern Part of the USA. I wanted to know the extent of the damage of the tornado in the South.

Below is a live footage of the tornado in Tuscaloosa

This site shows other images of the hard hit areas of Alabama.

Its heartbreaking to read the news and go through each photo and see dazed people walking, looking at whatever's left of what used to be their home.

I wonder how the residents will be able to pick up their lives after this tragedy. The economy is unsteady, the number of jobless people has not totally abated and additional catastrophe like this isnt helping. In a time like this all i can say is God Bless America.


  1. Not that I gave a damn about the wedding anyway, but with over 300 dead in the Southeast, I found it especially appalling how much time was given to covering a... wedding.

  2. not to mention money spent. as my friend puts it, why not use that ridiculous amount to solve the problem brought about by the BP spill or help the Japanese people


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