Apr 8, 2011

Daily thoughts - Active Developer is no longer the devil..for now

A few months ago I wrote a whiny rant about the water issue we are experiencing here at our subdivision. There has been an improvement since last month. So far we have not had any water interruption since February 25. There was even one whole day of uninterrupted water supply. Some people might say big deal, so what. To us who live here, this has made a huge difference in our daily lives. I used to get up at 6AM to wait for the water supply. On top of that, I have to collect water, do my laundry, sometimes even cook in a measly 30 minute to 1 hour timespan. Yes it was that short and getting up that early to do all that is really very aggravating. It went on for several months. Its longer for the people who live in this neighborhood. I just came back 10 months ago so in my case Ive been annoyed for that long only whereas my neighbors have been putting up with this bullshit for 2 years.

I was told that they have installed a new motor for the water tank and ever since then the water supply has a longer "cut off" time than the usual 30 min to 1 hour. Now we get a steady supply that lasts from 6am to 2pm. I think thats enought time for us to do all our laundry, cooking and cleaning and by afternoon we have put away enough water to last us for the day.

I sound shallow getting excited over this but Im very particular with cleanliness. I also cant give my pets their long overdue bath. Its hard to do all that cleaning in mind when you have an erratic water supply.

Im pretty pleased with Active although their service is still subpar compared to what Manila Water company can provide. For now, we will make do with what we are getting.


  1. It's interesting that with water being provided for just 8 hours, it's considered a vast improvement, and I know it is, but I wonder how people from other countries, or even other parts of the Philippines, would react to their water only running for 8 hours a day?

  2. im sure if this happened elsewhere and people are accustomed to getting uninterrupted supply, they will have a fit.


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