Apr 24, 2011

Daily thoughts - Cherry Blossoms and things I miss most

I totally adore Bath and Body works' Cherry Blossom product. The first time I tried it was  4 years ago as a birthday present from my boyfriend.

It was among many gifts I received in the mail.

swiffer pads (Im obsessed with these), combos, crime book and a beautiful card

Sadly, my Cherry Blossoms stash has ran out and I havent had any luck finding this particular brand on any shelf at the mall.

A set given by my then fiance in June 2008
I just love the scent of this bath item. It brings back a lot of good memories. I did see Cherry Blossom at Body Shop and took a whiff but it isnt quite the same.

One of the things I look forward to when I move to the states this year is of course shopping. Im not a hard core shopaholic but I am excited on getting all my bath products in NYC. I know I will never run out of my favorite bath supplies again. I have already googled where I can find Mario Badescu and Bath and Body works main stores in NYC. 
How I miss getting all these special presents from my husband.

He knows I love the color orange, so he got me M&M's in orange color only
haha cat butt gum

Bag full of goodies and a DVD on one of my favorite books by Mitch Albom
Most of all, I just miss my husband and how he spoils me. The first time we moved in together as a married couple, he furnished our home with nice things to make it more comfortable. I left for work with a bare room that had a bed and a closet. I came home and found that he got us these nice bedside tables, lamps, a steel cabinet for our xbox and other electronics. He even got our new cat a bed and some toys.

Our bedroom at our first apartment
Dapper and her bed

Just a few more months and I will soon be home.

Also I cant wait to find all the neat petstores to get my girls their new beds, litter boxes, catfood and toys. I hope they are ready to get on the most exciting ride of their life!




One day soon we will be sharing our favorite ice cream again honey! I miss and love you!!

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