Apr 6, 2011

Daily thoughts - New glasses

Last March 30th I went to pick up my race kit at Second Wind Home Depot in Ortigas. That same day I also bought a pair of running shoes to replace my 2 year old Asics. And finally I also bought a pair of glasses. My old glasses were 10 years old.

Enchong nibbling my glasses

my 10 year old glasses

I went to Megamall and looked around. Fortunately, I ran into an old classmate from College and it turns out she is the resident ophthalmologist at the optical shop I went to. She did the check up and also even told the staff to give me a discount. The glasses were very nice and it was a good deal. I was able to get free consultation and free lenses plus a 50% discount on my glasses. You wont believe how cheap it was, only 42 USD!

Ive been putting off getting these important things for the past few months because I had other expenses to prioritize.  Its nice to finally see things clearer literally!

As for the new running shoes, I was able to shave off 3 minutes from my PR for the 10km I ran last Saturday. I think it was partly because of those amazingly very light running shoes.

Thank you to my loving husband for pressuring me to get these wonderful gifts for myself. I love you sweetie!=)

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