Apr 10, 2011

Daily thoughts - A pleasant surprise for me and the baby girls

Ive been using a brand called Catsan Kitty Litter for the past 9 months.There arent a lot of choices over here but so far this brand seems basic and also inexpensive.

Its not so bad but I  noticed the following:
  1. After only 4 days the clumping ability of the litter is almost gone.
  2. The rest of the litter starts to smell bad and sour in just 4days. The instruction on the package says to just remove the clumped litter and refill the catbox with more, meaning mix it with the litter thats left. Ive never done this on this particular brand because it already smells bad. I have to wash the catbox and put fresh litter in it.

One of my cats is too prissy that even after Ive scooped the clumped portion I cant fool her to use the remaining cat litter if it has been sitting for 4 days or more. She can tell that its soiled because of the smell and she will not use it. She will piss or crap either on the rug by the door or on the floor. Just recently I tried putting newspaper on top of the empty litter box (when I ran out of kitty litter and I had to go to town pick up a new pack). Thumper, the prissy cat, used the newspaper and she did not shit on the rug or floor.

Thats an improvement because its cumbersome to wash a dirty rug. Wiping the floor is easy with lysol spray and papertowels but Id try to avoid it if possible. The newspaper is not bad as a temporary substitute for the litter. However, in my case, I dont have the patience to keep replacing the soiled paper. I was hoping to find a better brand of litter with the basic features that a normal litter should have, namely:

1) better clumping action lasting for at least 5-7 days.

2) wont have that soiled smell in just a couple of days

3) affordable or reasonably priced

4) comes in a resealable container.

I went to Shopwise last March 26 to pick up a bag of Catsan Kitty Litter. Right next to it was a new brand, Tidy Cat. I know that its new because I buy kitty litter every 7 or 8 days and Shopwise only sells Kitty comfort and Catsan. I never bought Kitty comfort because it was too heavy and it costs 900-1000PHP. Its not that expensive since the whole box has like 22 kilograms I think or more and its meant to last a very long time but I cannot carry it to the tricycle or from the tricycle all the way to my room upstairs.

catsan and tidy cats
Ive used tidy cat kitty litter for my babies before, the one with no clumping action and I hated it. It stank right away and I had to get rid of it after the cats used it for just 3 or 4 days. I wasnt sure if this was the same one but I checked the container and it said long lasting odor control.

source : tidy cat website

I opened the jug of tidy cat to take a whiff and it smelled nice. I checked the price. It was 425 PHP for 14 lbs. The Catsan litter is 224.75PHP for 5liters. I dont know if I was getting a better deal but I wanted to try the new brand.

Overall, I was really satisfied. This brand is fantastic. It was worth more than what I paid for.


The catsan brand would last for only 8 days and within that period, Id have to wash the cat boxes before I could refill it with fresh litter. With Tidy cats, all I had to do was just scoop out the used part and the rest of the litter doesnt stink. Also the 14lb lasted for 12 days. I normally buy catsan every 7-8 days. By the 8th day I would be gagging from the smell of the litter box and also from cleaning the trail of piss and poop that Thumper has left behind. I cant blame her, I wouldnt want to use a dirty toilet either.

With Tidy cats I just have to keep refilling the cat box with fresh litter and I  wash the box only when  the litter has ran out. The real bonus is the clean scent that lingers even after it has been used many times by the cats. Once you remove the clumped part, the rest of the litter looks and smells like its fresh again. I hope the supermarket never runs out of this item or Ill be really devastated.

I went to get groceries last April 7 and I didnt even know they had Tidy Cats on discount. After the lady cashier rang up the items I got, I checked the receipt to make sure I got my double points for using the earth friendly bag. I was so happy to see shopwise have marked down the litter. They had it on 50% off! Lucky day for me and the baby girls!

That wasnt the only surprise for me and the babies, I also found Meowmix in the petstore at Budget Lane.
Indoor formula was the one I bought

Selections : Hairball control and Indoor formula

Seafood Medley and Original Choice

Wet food selection for Meow Mix
My cats Thumper and Dapper love Meow mix from the first time I got it for them in Singapore. My husband and I alternately gave our cats Science Diet and Meow Mix.  I havent found Science Diet Indoor formula over here yet so for the past few months so the cats have been eating Friskies and Whiskas. We hardly every bought them those brands (Whiskas and Friskies) back in SG. We have considered them to be of the lower quality. However when we moved here, we didnt have much of a choice. According to the store clerk at Budget Lane, the The Meow Mix brand was just recently added to their merchandise. Meow Mix is also cheaper than the Whiskas and Friskies (1.5kg). Although you can buy cheaper Whiskas and Friskies by getting the prepacked ones sold by the kilo.

Sadly, Dapper didnt seem to appreciate the Indoor formula too much. The other cats however seem to like it. Ill get original choice next time because I remember thats what Dapper used to have.

(note: I didnt lock her up in this photo,she voluntarily goes in there to sleep sometimes. the carrier is meant for misbehaving cats at night)

I also found these at the petstore:
tiny crocodiles

i dont know what those little worm like creatures were but they made my skin crawl

I had a good day during that trip to town. I had a good meal, got my baby girls their fancy cat food, litter and I was able to get some ingredients for the puttanesca Ill be making this week. No special occasion, im simply trying to enjoy cooking again...The reason? like the baby girls I also got some sweet surprises today courtesy of my wonderful husband. Although I know of course his agenda is to make me as domesticated as possible, I have come to terms to his implied suggestion of my pivotal role as a wife..in the kitchen (hahaha i dont think feminists will agree with me on that).

I got excited that my husband will be getting me a 14 or 17 piece cookware set. He also got us some nice dishes, tumblers, spoon/fork set and ginsu knives for starters.

fancy wares



blue and white corelle dishes

You know youre old when you get hyperexcited over cookwares and other kitchen stuff. =)

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  1. That's a good review. The CatSan is just not the same quality as Tidy Cat.


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