Apr 27, 2011

Daily thoughts - In the nick of time

My cat Thumper isnt spayed yet. Aside from that, she also has a kink in her spine which makes it very dangerous for her to have babies. The other adopted black cat Enchong isnt neutered either. Now he is old enough to realize he has urges and this started just last month. Everytime I leave the house I have to close the door to my room and isolate Enchong in the hallway. There is another main door at the end of the hallway so he cannot get out of the room.
Thumper in heat
Thumper goes into heat every month and thats not a good thing especially now there is a male "pubescent" cat living in the room.

I caught them about to get it on

I was sure nothing happened although I was shocked to find this. This might gross you out but I was curious too


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