Apr 22, 2011

Daily thoughts - The Hal Higdon Marathon Project - week 12

I have been stranded on week 11 of my marathon training plan. Ive joined several races but none of it would meet the required miles for the weekend slated on the chart im following. The farthest Ive ran is 15 miles. This sunday I hope to run that 16 miles Ive been putting off for weeks. I ran last weekend and I did pretty okay for the 10km run. Ive been tracking my progress and Im happy to have improved by another 4-5 minutes from the last run I had. Ill have to write a separate post about that recent race once the results are out. It was a fun run though and I saw a lot of cosplayers that made the event really exciting.

I will be incorporating some hill workouts, fartleks and tempo runs this coming weeks. A good friend of mine who has ran a marathon is supplying me with all the tips and information I need for this preparation. I know Ive been running consistently and have been doing my best to avoid injury however its high time to apply some Scientific approach on this training. 

Last Tuesday I ran for 4 miles. 2 miles easy and I spent 10 minutes between that workout doing fartlek. Im just introducing this to my training so I decided not to overdo it. It felt okay but was very tiring. Wednesday I did an easy 8 mile run. I had to put off any quality workout until Im confident that I know what Im doing. Today I just did a very slow paced 5 mile since it was too hot. Tomorrow will be rest day so Im going to psych myself so I can finish that 16 miles on Sunday.

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  1. I'm impressed with your running! Keep it up, but don't push too hard too fast and injure yourself. I know you'll be able to do it eventually, if you put your mind to it.


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