Apr 11, 2011

Daily thoughts - An unexpected, tragic day

2 days ago I was just talking to my sister in law about the concept of unconditional love and what we value in this life. It was a very engaging conversation and she agreed with me that when you love a child or someone, you dont expect anything in return. We also both believed that material things, although important, cannot be regarded to be in the same level as that of living beings. Meaning, our family or loved ones are more important and should be prioritized over anything else. We consider our pets as part of our family and we love them even if they wont ever say thank you to us for it. They show their love in a different way. A loss of a pet is not so different from losing a family member. My sister in law could not relate however, she has never lost a pet..until today.

My brother's beloved 4 year old cat Electra passed away today. It was sudden, unexpected and traumatic especially to my brother and his wife who loved that cat dearly like their own child. Its still unbelievable how it all happened so fast. Yesterday we had dinner at their house and the cat was fine. And less than 24 hours later, who would have thought Electra wont be around anymore..

I feel terrible because I know what its like to lose a pet. I almost lost my cat Thumper 2 months ago and it was a real touch and go moment I never want to experience again. The sadness and pain was palpable when I dropped by my brother's house today. They even had a collage of photos for Electra and they buried him in the grotto in their yard. Tomorrow they will be bringing fresh flowers.

This post will be short and I will write an entry about today's event next time after I have collated all the material for it.  Below are some photos of Electra in December 2007. They take him almost everywhere, airsoft games, my niece's baptism, holiday getaways(landtrip), christmas and birthday celebration etc. Electra was part of their lives for 4 years and this isnt going to be easy at all especially for my brother who will be celebrating his birthday 4 days from now...


RIP Electra..We love you..

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  1. I'm sorry to hear about Elektra's unexpected death. I can't help but wonder what caused it, since she seemed so healthy.


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