Apr 25, 2011

Daily thoughts - 10 kilos of happiness for em cats..almost broke my back

I went to town last Monday to replenish my supply of groceries and also cat stuff.I left around 4pm from the house and I was in a hurry because I had to be home before it got dark. My itinerary was to  eat brunch and get grocery. The queue at the atm took forever. It took half an hour before I managed to leave the bank and get something to eat. Afterwards I went to Shopwise and got all the stuff I needed. I was contemplating whether I should still go to Budget Lane to get Meow Mix for the girls.

Whiskas and Friskies were sold at around 280-300 PHP for the 1.5kg. Meow Mix on the other hand only cost 237 PHP. The bummer though is that Budget Lane is out of the way. Id have to get on another tricycle and usually these scumbags always try to rip me off by charging me 20-35 PHP although in reality it should only be 10 PHP since its only like 5 - 10 minutes away ( 15- 20 min if by foot).

I decided Id get meow mix next time and get the usual for now. However, I didnt want the prepacked (by the kilo) friskies anymore since they changed the rate to 150PHP from 135PHP. Also I noticed that sometimes it came with some pedigree kibbles. I dont think they meant to do that on purpose but yeah some of the kibbles arent whiskas or friskies and there are times Id find broken and clumped ones. I looked around the agri vet and pet stores along the road leading back to the tricycle station. I saw a big sack of friskies and asked how much it cost. The guy said its 1030. So the total saving I get is only 20 PHP since a kilo costs 150 and 7 kilos would cost me 1050. I went to the store I usually buy the 1kilo friskies. They had whiskas at 1050 for 10 kilos. I decided to get that one.

Now I had the 14lb jug of Tidy Cat, some groceries and the sack of catfood. I was worried on how I could carry all of the stuff I bought though. I tried to pick up the grocery bags and also the jug of litter with my left hand and carry the sack of catfood with my right hand. It would work, but that is if I dont have to walk at all. Then I saw the store clerk looking at my bags, like he was trying to assess how I would be able to bring the catfood with me. So I smiled at him and asked politely if he could help me carry the bag all the way to the tricycle station. He didnt seem to mind. He even told me Im a valued customer because I always get catfood from them. I wanted to kick him though. Why didnt he say so?? I wonder if he would have offered to help me if I didnt ask though.

When I got off the tricycle, our little puppy Yubby was already waiting for me at the gate. I felt so sorry for him but I didnt have any dogfood. I did have some rice and table scraps in the fridge enough for the 4 dogs in the house.

I was greeted with endless meowing the moment I entered the house.

10 kilo sack of whiskas!

Downstairs Welcoming committee : Maki and Squid

seems they could smell the goodie inside the sack

Pretty has joined Maki and Squid in welcoming me and the bag of goodies
I didnt open the bag downstairs coz I had to find an airtight container for the kibbles.I dragged the big bag of whiskas upstairs and transferred it to a container. Later on I went downstairs again to feed the hungry cats and dogs. 

Dapper and Thumper inspection

Dapper inspecting my jeans too
Approved by Dapper and Thumper!

I spent more for the cats' stuff than I did for my own groceries. I just got myself some fish, veggies, mangoes, some chocolates, body wash and baygon.  The total didnt even amount to 1000php. Whereas my cats food and litter cost 1050 and 425. What the hell, these animals are seriously putting a dent on my wallet. But yeah, I love them little bastards. In fact I almost hurt my crazy back carrying all that stuff for them.


  1. You got a good deal on that huge bag of cat food. That should keep those cats happy for a while. I'm glad the guy was willing to carry that for you or you might have had to call someone to come give you a hand!

  2. if he refused i probably would have told him to give my money back and get catfood elsewhere. i did have a feeling though that he was going to say yes. i had to ask help though.


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