Apr 26, 2011

Daily thoughts - Some art works and cat photos

I ran 16 miles yesterday and my left leg was killing me this morning. I spent the day resting and when I got up I felt a lot better.

Today was uneventful. Its a no work day so I just cooked rice, had my lunch, fed the pets downstairs and came back to my room to doodle a bit. I later on thought of playing with some of my watercolor.

Im not very good at it yet. Im still learning each time and the truth is, the urge to draw doesnt happen to me everyday. Its so seasonal and thats probably why even after so many years of doodling I never really progressed as an artist like my dad. He didnt have any formal training but he was really good. He is very talented but he still sought how to improve his talent by getting books on oil painting, acrylic, watercolor, charcoal drawing, drawing animals, heads, faces, hands etc.  His artworks are realistic and alive. Hopefully one day though I can be good like him.

I know, the drawing area is a disaster. I utilized an icetray to dip my brushes. I dont have a complete set of painting materials. I only have the basics like brushes, paint of course and paintpans.

Practiced on some fruits and also a drawing I made back in December when we were cooking Bulalo.

I found a photo of my Dad back in 1972 and it was in black and white so I just used improvised on the colors. I dont know how to mix colors yet nor how to shade and put emphasis on the lighting so I just did my best. He however turned out looking more like my eldest brother.

I painted a blind girl in a kimono. I was thinking of my cat Boomer while doing this one. My husband said the woman looks like an alien. IMO She looks like she is wearing circle lenses...the soulless look.

I also painted my mother in law but the drawing looked more like my husband's aunt .

I think I need to watch some tutorials online so I can learn how to paint better using watercolor. At least thats free.

Took some photosof my little babies:

Fat Cat Boodapdap

Naughty Enchong

Shy Boomer

Monkey faceThumper passed out

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  1. Cool. All it takes is practice and you can develop your talent, but like you said, inspiration only comes on occasion. I'm sure you'll make some great paintings!


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