Apr 9, 2011

Daily thoughts - An assault on my 15 year old cat Glory

Today is my OFF day but I wasnt able to relax at all. I did the laundry from 11am to 2pm. While waiting for the machine to finish up, I also cooked lunch for myself and my granny. From 2pm - 4pm I cleaned my room, washed the dishes downstairs, and folded some clothes. I was bushed by 4pm so I went to the neighbor's to have some halo halo.

While I was out, I saw some of the neighbors kids playing. These kids were the usual mainstays of my sari sari store. Right now my store is closed because I have recently started working and I cant make up my mind whether to work or just tend the store again.

The kids went towards the house across where I live. I saw my cat Glory across the street, sleeping at the neighbor's now defunct sari sari store. I told them not to bother her because she is an old harmless yet sweet cat.

Glory is 15 years old. She was given to me in 2004 by a missionary from the USA. She has had this cat and another one named Gibor for 8 years. Unfortunately, she couldnt bring them with her because her next destination is Africa. She reluctantly had to give them away but wanted to make sure that the person adopting her cats is a real cat lover. My guy friend Michael was this missionary's friend. He was the one who recommended me.

Mam Marcia and my good friend Michael (2004)
Ive had cats all my life but it was only when I met Mam Marcia that I found out how to really take care of them. Ive never seen kitty litter nor cat kibbles before. In my country, we usually use newspapers for litter and we feed our cats with rice and fish. When these two cats, Glory and Gibor were brought to our house, they had a blanket, cat carrier, pet bowls, kitty litter, a box full of cat kibbles, leashes, toys and a cat brush. I was really very amused with all the cat goodies!

Mam Marcia seemed very happy to meet me but also looked sad. However I can tell she was relieved to have found a new home for her cats.

Glory and Gibor




Glory being bitchy under the bved

Gibor getting brushed

Gibor in the carrier

Glory under my dresser table

Gibor inside the cabinet

Me and Gibor

Gibor likes being brushed

Glory keeping her distance

Gibor hiding on top of the closet

Glory hanging out in my cabinet

Gibor on a leash

So if I do the math, we have had glory for 7 years. This means she is 15 years old. Gibor passed away a few years back and we had another cat later on that my brother also named Gibor, he too died early this year. As for Glory, she is still very strong. She may be a little bitchy at times but we love her and we have had her for quite awhile so that makes her a real part of our family.

Glory's recent pics (Feb 2011)

Glory was declawed by her previous owner. So that means even when she tries to scratch me when I pick on her, its just like she is swiping my arm with her tail. She may be crabby but is really adorable and very sweet.

Going back to what I was saying, Glory was sleeping across the street this afternoon.

Glory usually hangs out at the neighbor's bench

The three boys went where Glory was sleeping. They sat on the bench to chat. The eldest boy named Charles,who is 8 years old, kept looking at Glory. I told the three kids not to bother the cat because she is sleeping and she needs her sun. She is also very old and fragile. I then went to our neighbor selling halo halo. Then a few minutes later, one of the kids, whose name is also Charles ran up to me telling me that the bigger Charles flung his slipper at the sleeping cat. I swear to God I wanted to beat the shit out of the kid. I ran and confronted The boy and asked him if its true. He said it is. I yelled at him and asked him why he did that even after I have already told him not to bother the cat just a few minutes ago? He couldnt say anything. I dont know how I was able to restrain myself but I wanted to kick his face. I told him to go home and never hang out in front of our house again. I also added I will let his parents know what he just did.

I frantically looked around for my cat. Glory was nowhere in sight. Then I saw her head pop out from the potted plants in front of my store. Poor Glory was terrified. I scooped her up and brought her in the house. Then I marched to the kid's house. It was odd you know. I kept calling and the woman who lived there didnt even have the courtesy to come out of the house. She just asked who it was and was still inside the house behind their screen door. I politely asked if she was the mother of Charles. She softly said yes. I find it weird why she wont go out to talk to me.  I told her that her son threw a slipper on my 15 year old cat who was just sleeping. I also emphasized that I dont even hurt my pets and Im very upset that her son had the nerve to do what he just did. She didnt apologize or anything but she said she will talk to her son about it. Later on I did see her come out of the house and I saw Charles run away. I dont know whether he was trying to flee from getting spanked or scolded.

I dont know what is up with that boy. Last time he rang the bell of my store and he tried to run away but I was fast enough to catch him do it. I even told his dad what he did. I wonder if he ever got chewed out for that. He is only 8 or 9 years old and he is already showing criminal tendencies. I know he is a kid, but a kid who hurts animals is not something normal. I feel bad I wasnt able to punch this kid in the face. He needed to be disciplined and I doubt he is getting any of that kind of reinforcement at home.

I let this one pass but I am worried of what this kid is capable of doing when no one is looking.

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  1. I hope he gets what's coming to him, because I get the impression that his parents aren't teaching him correct behavior. He's going to grow up like a little animal and he'll never be successful in life.


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