Apr 13, 2011

Daily thoughts - just another regular day

I got up to fill the buckets today around 11am. I slept late this morning and although I was planning to sleep for 8 hours, I had to get by with 6 only since water will be cut off by 2pm. after filling up the buckets i went to have lunch at my brother Martin's store and hitched with him to town to get cat food. While I was there I had to withdraw some money for the catfood which took almost 20minutes. I bought a leash for Murgeet, 1 kilo of Mango for 50PHP, 1 kilo of whiskas for 135 PHP and a kilo of Bangus for 90 PHP. My cats' food are more expensive than what I got for myself. I was able to ask the lady selling the bangus to pack the bangus entrails for my pets. She gave me a lot. I cooked it when I got home and also mixed some rice with it. The animals loved it.

I took a nap from 4-6PM hoping to get a total of 8 hours sleep for the day. I went running for 30 minutes and also took Murgeet and Yubi for a stroll. I felt so sorry for that dog (Murgeet). She hasnt been walked by her owners for almost 5 months..what a pity. I really hope that someone will adopt her when I leave this place. That dog doesnt deserve to be treated like that..actually all the dogs in the house dont deserve to be treated as such..

Murgeet in 2007

After my run I cooked Puttanesca. Ive been putting it off because I always forget the anchovies and capers during my trips to Shopwise. Finally I was able to get the complete ingredients last Friday April 8th.

Puttanesca sauce

My dinner!

I think it tasted good ( haha of course Im biased). I generally dont like meat on my pasta, it kinda overpowers the taste. When I lived in Singapore me and my husband loved eating at Pastamania and I always would order the Meditteranean or the Aglio Olio. Im not a vegetarian but Im hoping to be in the future. Right now Im slowly trying to wean myself off from eating meat and honestly its tough! Although I think I can possibly do it one day..the food I might not be able to give up is RICE=) Rice is my Life!

Afterdinner, I got ready to go to my brother Earl's house to see how he is doing. He lost his dear cat yesterday and his wife told me that both of them are really devastated and are having a hard time coming to terms with what happened. Before I walked out of the house, I went upstairs to feed my cats. I turned on the music box to announce that it is feeding time. The cats know it is time to eat when they hear the music. My blind cat Boomer has a habit of eating from my two older cats' bowls before proceeding to eat from her own bowl. I dont know if its because she cant see that its not hers or she is just being greedy. I think its more of the latter because by the time she is done eating from the other cats' bowls, she would go look for her bowl and eat some more. Because of this, I would pick her up and move her to her bowl every meal time. This time however I dont understand why she was startled. She knew I was there because I was talking to them while I was turning the music on. Boomer freaked out and scratched my left ring finger and my right index finger.


Right hand

Left hand
Lesson learned. Dont assume that a blind kitten knows youre there. Try poking it first to see if it will attack the object used for poking.

It was past 9pm when I made it out of the house to drop by at my brother's house to check on him. He and his wife are still very much affected over what happened yesterday. My sister in law even told me that my brother made it to work today but he was miserable. When she called him he was still crying over the phone. They really miss their baby Electra. My brother went to Dangwa Flower Market to get fresh flowers for Electra's resting place.

Where Electra was laid to rest

We love you forever Electra ribbon
Love DD and BB

Flowers and Framed photo of Electra

A collage of Electra's photos

Electra's framed photo

Resting place by the grotto

Ive witnessed how spoiled and pampered that cat was when it was alive. They got him the best cat food and brought him to the veterinary doctor for check ups or even minor cat dermatitis. He seemed to be in the best health. The abrupt nature of his death is still shocking and painful to me but most of all to my brother and his wife. For the four years they had Electra, he has been part of every minor and major events my brother and his wife celebrated.

It was evident how much they loved this cat even now that he is gone. Those flowers werent cheap and my brother went out of his way to get those flowers for his cat. It was really touching although sad.

When I got home I looked around the house and saw the new kittens from Electra's mom Pepper. I suggested to my brother's wife to adopt another cat or pet for them to be able to recover faster..but they dont want to. not yet..i think this experience is just too traumatic for them that the idea of caring for another pet carries with it the risk of getting hurt again. I know how they feel however in my case Id always get another cat when one dies on me. Im cat dependent.

dalja (calico), coleman (cowcat) and gibor (the tiny one. actually this kitten is eggnog's offspring, which makes it pepper's grandkitten)

coleman and dalja

dalja loves having her photo taken

Pepper and her new brood

My room was a wreck as usual when I came back. Cats meowing asking for food again. Litter box caked with pee and turds needed to be scooped. Kibbles on the floor and spilt water from their water bowls. Cat chaos on a regular basis.

But I am happy..I am lucky I have my baby girls to come home to. I have them to hug and cuddle next to tonight.

Dapper the great investigator

Thumper the monkey face

Smelly Enchong and the energetic Boomer

But sometimes when I see something like these photos below, I slightly want to choke them too.

April 1 2011

April 10 2011


  1. It sounds like you had an exciting and full day. I'm sorry to hear about your hand, and Electra. Cats are great companions, and it's always a shame when they're gone.

  2. its true..everytime i lose a cat its never easy. yeah it was indeed an eventful day. Electra, Coleman and Gibor are all up in heaven with Daddy. Im sure they are having a good time up there..


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