May 19, 2011

Daily thoughts - Getting an NBI Hit isnt fun - part 2

I was little upset last week when I failed to get my NBI clearance the same day. I didnt spend the weekend worrying about it though. I already read the links I found on google and I just had to show up and get the facts from the nbi office. If I had a record then I can always contest it. No sense getting all worked up over it and ruining my day. But I have to admit, that day I got that result, I was a bit of a wreck. I also went to see my pediatrician because I needed a copy of my shot records. Unfortunately she is currently in the USA for a vacation and will be be back on June 3rd. I spent that afternoon hanging out at the mall, I also had a hearty meal and bought some groceries. The day didnt really end bad since I was able to finally get the cats their frontline. I havent had the luck the past few months in getting it. I tried getting in touch with the customer service and the woman named Gladys gave me a heads up on where I could get the Frontline.  Wonderful service!

Thank you Gladys!

I was exhausted and passed out on the bed after taking a shower. When I got up that evening, I looked up what having an NBI Hit meant based on other people experiences.

I surmise that this is the closest description:

After 5 days of waiting, I got up "excited" to start my day last Tuesday May 17. I just wanted to get it over and done with.  I got up around 4AM and despite the short sleep I had, I felt refreshed and ready. I had to ensure first that the baby girls had their food and water bowls full, that the litter box was not too scanty or dirty. Thumper hates using soiled litter. She will show her indignation by shitting and peeing on the floor.

refilled the bowls. the chalk is to ward off ants
I also had to isolate Enchong because he isnt spayed yet and neither are the two female cats Boomer and Thumper. A month ago I caught Enchong about to hump Thumper. Cant have no more kittens because my husband will have a fit. Also I already have 4 cats in tow that Ill be bringing to the states with me.

Dapper, Thumper, Enchong
I also had to give water, food and some bread to the dogs and cats downstairs. I didnt have time to make them rice and sardines that morning. Finally I was out of the house at 630AM. I had to wait for some passengers at the tricycle station and we managed to get to town a little before 7AM. The FX ride to the Santolan MRT took 30 minutes. I was curious to know the time it took for me to get to Monumento aboard both trains. The train ride from Santolan to Doroteo Jose was roughly 25 minutes. The train from Doroteo Jose to Monumento was 13-15 minutes. So in total it was a little over an hour to get from my house to Monumento.

I followed the same route on my way to the mall like last time. This time I didnt have to go through the whole process. I just had to fall in line at the counter that said release with HIT.

NBI Releasing with hit counter (image source)
photo taken using my old phone
The line was actually short when I got there. But I was nervous. The guy ahead of me was told by the lady at the counter to go to the Quality Control section and boy the line there seem to go on forever.

Quality control
When it was my turn, the woman took my receipt and scanned it. I wasnt sure really what to expect. I know I havent violated any laws in the country but the horror stories I read of some people who have namesakes with murder or criminal raps just scared the bejesus out of me.

The printer had a stack of regular (flesh colored) nbi paper, the one for local employment. It looks like this

For local employment (image source)
The one for traveling abroad looks like this (green colored)

for travel abroad (image source)

When the woman put one green nbi paper on top of the stack of regular ones, I knew I was gonna get my clearance that day.

You should have seen that huge smile across my face when I got the printed clearance. Also one guy helped me put my thumbprint on the document, with no additional cost! haha of course there was no wet ones this time but I would have gladly paid that 2PHP. I was very happy. All that worrying was for nothing.

I had palabok at Jollibee before I headed out of the mall. I took the train bound for EDSA (LRT 1 yellow lane) this time. I switched to the MRT 3 (blue lane) and got off at Shaw boulevard to celebrate. I hate the MRT 3 train. It seems that it is always packed. I always feel violated everytime I get off that damn train. But I didnt let that get the best of me.I finally got my precious "no derogatory record" clearance so that minor thing at the train was not enough to ruin my day.

I went to megamall to enjoy the aircon of course. Then I had some snack at Goldilocks which still left me hungry. Then I saw this newly opened restaurant. I found out from one of the waiters that they just opened last Sunday May 15. I had to check it out because I read a post about how good the chicken is at this place. I havent had chicken, pork or beef in the past few months. I was trying to wean myself off from eating meat and I know i have sinned on this day for giving in to this temptation... I tried only one piece because I didnt know whether I could finish all of it. The chicken at I love Chicken Bon Chon will make it doubly hard for me to steer clear from chicken again. The soy garlic was amazingly delicious.

on the wall

dont be fooled by the simple presentation
The iced tea tasted good too. It was real iced tea with some lemon bite to it. It was not the usual iced tea that you made by mixing water with powder form. Not that the latter tastes bad, its just that I miss the taste of real iced tea with lemon or calamansi.
yep thats how i feel now about this place
Before leaving the mall, I thought of checking out a band to replace my wedding ring that was stolen in Singapore. I still feel bad about that because I left my ring in the bathroom and when I came back after a few minutes to get it, it was gone. I lived in that house for 1 year and I never lost anything. I dont want to start accusing the guests who were there that day but I dont think the ring fell in the toilet. The shelf was just too far for the ring to make its way to the toilet bowl. I had to get a cheap replacement for now because I miss wearing my wedding band.
Rose designed ring case for Mother's Day

isnt that cute

Its just  a few more months and Ill be joining my husband and we will shop for a new pair of real wedding bands. But for now I just want to have something to symbolize our being together (weee mushy. hehehe). So I got myself this nice ring and had his name engraved inside it.

silver wedding band

I love my baby!

The best part is I got it for a steal. This nice band will do for the timebeing.

The trip home was unbelievably fast. The fx took only 30-40 minutes to get to town. I got on a tricycle and was unfortunate to sit beside an insensitive guy who wouldnt give me the cushioned part of the seat. Asshole.

But anyway Im glad made it home in one piece although that freaking driver almost made my heart leap out of my chest! He was going too fast and he didnt care there were rocks and humps on the road.

Overall the day was great. And yes Im not GUILTY!! hehehe NBI, peace!


  1. Hit counter makes me think of something with music. It's interesting how they named that process.

    The restaurant looks pretty nice. I'm looking forward to trying the fried chicken at the Boka Bon Chon here.

  2. the chicken was divine. i thought max had the best fried chicken until i tried this one. just thinking about it is making me hungry

  3. Shit. You just reminded me of the chicken I had at Max's. I stripped it to the bones. Damn that was good chicken.


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