May 8, 2011

Daily thoughts - Happy Mother's Day Murgeet..

Today is a special day for all the mothers out there. I have sent out my love and greetings to my wonderful mom in the US and also sent all my friends and sisters in law an sms and a personal message on their facebook wall.

Today seem a great day for me too.It has been so unbearably hot the past few weeks and it came as a pleasant surprise that today it is raining hard. I was already taking advantage of the wonderful weather, passed out and lazy on my bed. Then I remembered our dog Murgeet. She is the mother of Yubby, another dog that belongs to my family. I wondered how she was doing and if she has had any meal for the day. I feed them everyday and sometimes even take them for a walk because the owner doesnt really care too much about the animals that live in this house.
Murgeet and Lazybone Dec 2007

Murgeet Dec 2007

Murgeet Dec 2010
 I decided to get up and feed the cats and check on Murgeet and company.

May 08 2011

What is wrong with this image? Everything. If you notice, the dog can hardly sit on the ground. Why? its wet. It's pouring outside, its cold. There is no food nor water bowls even. If you look closely, you will see that there is another dog across the bigger dog, right beside the door. That's Murgeet's puppy Yubby. She didnt want to leave her mom alone even if she could (since she was not on a leash) which made this image more disturbing.. even a dog seem to empathize more than the humans who are supposed to take care of it.

2 months ago I wrote a post about the plight of these dogs. I received an email from animal welfare society. I have not written them back because I couldnt provide a number of our current Baranggay captain. The letter was from the head of PAWS.

Kindly give us the name of the owner and the exact address where these dogs are located.  It would also help if you can give us the name and contact number of the barangay captain of the area.
Thank you.

I feel bad I never took the time to get the information and send it back to the animal welfare people. But after today I will ask around so I can get that Baranggay captain's phone number.

I dont know what makes the owner of this dog think that just because these are animals they are incapable of feelings. The most tragic thing to note is they do this on a daily basis. The owner would come home, eat, sleep but fail (on purpose) to even check if the dog has eaten, has water, or is still alive. They feed the animals only if they have spoiled table scraps that stink and are no longer "suitable for human consumption". Did it ever occur to them that rotten food doesnt change from being rotten to edible if you serve it to animals? This is deliberate cruelty and must not be ignored.

They want guard dogs but wont responsibly treat these animals the way they deserve to be treated.

It totally disgusts me that these people who happen to be churchgoers and a  teacher of religious studies can stomach to treat the housepets like this.

Poor Murgeet. I think you have suffered too long. Even on this day you were not spared or given one decent meal to celebrate your special day. Yes even dogs are worthy of being told Happy Mother's Day.

I hope I dont fail you again this time Murgeet, Yubby, Docman and Arnold.


  1. The way that dog is treated is disgusting. I hope the owner is fined.

  2. Please, do it for Murgeet. She does not have anyone else but you. PAWS will try to help if they have the info.

  3. I promise guys..I wont leave until I get her adopted out.


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