Jan 12, 2010

daily thoughts - on lack of sleep, usual day, cat stuff and running

Routine day.

Slept for only 5 hours on Sunday night but managed to wake up on time this morning. Work was a drag as usual but i tried to focus so i could go home early. Took my last hour and fled at 530PM.
The day was uneventful. I went to the bank and deposited some money so we could use my debit card. I also got a bag of meowmix and 8 can of fussie cat for the babies. After that I went to the hawker and we had a light dinner. It was around 7PM when we got home.
I checked my facebook and email for an hour or so and I took a nap which was supposed to be only 30minutes. I woke up 3 hours later, still dazed and disoriented. Got up and did some laundry. The washing machine is busted right now so I had to handwash some of my clothes otherwise I wont have anything to wear for work.

Me and my hubby went for a run tonight at around 130 AM. imapy reads: Completed (Run): Distance 2.00 mi, Duration 0:23:21, Pace 11:40 min/mile, Speed 5.1 mph. #iMapMyRun

We went to the hawker afterwards and had a light snack of yong tau foo. It was okay but I would have opted for rice and a slab of meat. But of course, all the exercise would have been useless if I was back in my "old ways" hehe if you know what I mean.

So now its almost time for bed. Its so late!!! The day went by so quickly. Oh and yeah I gave my babies their special treats today and also played with them a little.

Im exhausted. Tomorrow again.

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