Jan 20, 2010

DAILY THOUGHTS -exam, marmie etc

For the last 2 days I have slept for only 5 hours. Chronic sleep deprivation took a toll on me. when I napped today I slept from 930pM to 130AM. In fact I could have gone all the way till 10 AM, before my shift at work, But I felt compelled to get up and do some reading. Unfortunately the study thing didnt materialize because my hubby had other things in mind. The bad news is I hated the movie we watched. Also I dont like being trapped to do things I have no plans in taking part in in the first place. I thought it was the most polite thing to do so I gave in without much qualms and finished the darn thing suffering in silence.

Sorry honey but the movie sucked!

I have an exam again. This is the 4th one in a series of 5 compulsory exams. Every time I have an upcoming exam, I vowed that on the next one I will really take the time to study. Fail, I never do or did.

There are 8 chapters of the book I have to finish in 10 days. I guess now its down to 9 since I wasted one day. No one to blame but myself because as usual, I have put off reading the book because it honestly does not interest me. I have promised myself that after this exam, I will not subject myself to further torture by pursuing another one. This experience has defined BORING to a whole new level, in my opinion of course. Although I know someone who has been taking the exams for the past consecutive months and seems to really like it. In fact, this person has ample preparation before each test, about2-3 months studying. I dont know how she does it but I just cant. I just have other things I like to do too. If the author of this damn book was Grisham, I would have finished it on the 3rd day. But it wont be called Work if it was enjoyable. Its not a novel so that equates it with snooze time.

So there, 8 chapters in 9 days. Damn I hate stressing myself over it.

Today was uneventful. But its a nice one still. Went to the mall to pick up some running outfits for my baby, had coffee and strolled home.I ran into Mini Marble on my way home also and gave her some kibbles. I worry about her everyday now and I still hope of adopting her. I still pray that I can come up with the finances though. Caring for a cat and giving it food daily is not a big deal. Taking it home and deciding to share your home and life with is. It is a commitment and after having experienced adopting strays and most of them dying on me, this will have to take some serious thinking before making that big decision.

Here are some photos of my semi-adopted baby. I have collected a couple since I met her last 21.12.2009.

Mini Marble is getting bigger each day. I can even see a paunch progressively growing too! Hehe. I miss her when I get home and I feel sad every time I have to bid her bye and as she looks at me while I walk away.

One day soon..hopefully.

Anyway as for the running, Ive been jogging for 3 days in a row since Saturday. I decided that I have to rest. I cant burn myself out because aside from the possibility of getting injured, my enthusiasm might wane if I get too exhausted. Im kinda proud though for logging in a few miles within the first stretch of the month and Im looking forward to adding more quality work outs by next month. Hopefully there will be consistency though. Most of the time, I either get busy or flake out. That's why Im trying also to build up my psyche and taking the one day at a time approach.

I dropped by at the library today to do some "inspection" on my temporary refuge this coming weekend. Yes I plan to study my book although Im still struggling with the idea at this point. I have just contradicted myself when I did a quick run through of my previous entries on this blog and discovered I wrote something about studying. I am obviously cramming now.

Well going back, I sat down and found myself a cozy spot and I imagined it to be my potential "bean bag" on Saturday. I also scanned some books and found this training plan interesting:

That page is from a book : runners world complete book of women's running.
It sounds really interesting but Ill have to go into the details of that on the next entry. I might read that book only after my exam. Right now its time to hit the sack. I noticed Ive been erratically jumping from one topic to another. Hehe I guess its really time to sign off.

It was still a good day=)

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