Jan 21, 2010

DAILY THOUGHTS- on leaving for work, Marmie, ingrate cats, running and having a good day

Woke up a little past 8am today and made it on time to work. Its such a torture though leaving the house and seeing my babies asleep snuggled on the bed. Thumpy gave me that hateful look again of course because she thinks im abandoning her. Of course she does not even know I work hard so that I can afford to buy her special treats and that expensive bag of meowmix and science diet. Ungrateful little bitch. But I love these bastards to bits. I cant resist how cute they are.

Anyway on my way home after work I ran into baby Marmie and realized I didnt bring her some food today. She didnt seem to mind though. The moment I called her name she was frantically rushing to my side to be petted. What a sweetheart! I rarely get the same treatment from my cats so its refreshing to have this little baby make me feel so important.

We played hide and seek for awhile before I had to say goodbye again. I did promise her that Ill come by around evening after jogging, to give her some kibbles.

Here is the sad part. Walking away from her. I had to literally run otherwise she will follow me all the way home.

When I got home it took 2 hours for my baby to get ready. So I used up the time to check facebook and youtube.

When baby was ready we went to the park and ran for 38 minutes. Our imap read:
Completed #iMapMyRun (Run): Distance 3.01 mi, Duration 0:38:07, Pace 12:40 min/mile, Speed 4.7 mph.

Im very exhausted but twas worth it. We went to check on marble on our way back to the hawker.

I heard from my friend Liza that she gave her food also tonight. No wonder she started barfing after eating the kibbles I gave her.

Poor girl. She ran after she threw up. I had to clear her mess so people wont get pissed if they see cat puke everywhere.

After that we strolled away to go to the hawker and have dinner. Had Yong tau Fu and some grass power. I was thinking of having roti prata but i decided to put that off tomorrow.

Taxing night but I feel happy!

Time to jump in the shower and hit the sack.

Another good day=)

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