Jan 10, 2010

daily thoughts -on meeting new friends, running and getting 12 hours of sleep

I got up around 550 PM today. 12 hours of sleep really did the trick for me. Sleep deprivation has taken a toll on my psyche but fortunately not on my health..yet. i love being lazy during weekends or my off days. Its great to recharge and also slack around.

Around 8pm, me and my hubby went to see some new friends and had coffee.

I met these new friends last December. I was on my way home when I chanced upon a stray cat at the void deck near white sands. The cat just came up to me and started rubbing against my leg. The tiny cat really won my heart over.T oo bad i didnt have any kibbles with me that time and i felt a tinge of sadness while I walked away.

So I went home, got ready to take a jog and went all the way back to the block near the white sands mall.

When I got there, I ran into 2 girls and one guy feeding the same cat. We started chatting and even exchanged phone numbers. That night we added each other on Facebook.

Honestly at first i was apprehensive to add a "new friend" in my facebook account. But it was strange how easy me and these girls got along. I instantly warmed up next to them.

Over coffee today I was delightfully surprised that my new pal invited me and my hubby to her wedding! Thats a big deal considering she hardly knows me and our only common denominator is the little kitty we both share a great affection for. But yeah we do love this new cat named Marble Mini. We talk about her everyday and I try my best to remember to bring food everyday for this lovable cat.

It is strange how one cat gave me and my hubby the opportunity to meet new friends.

I was really moved by our new friend Lisa's very generous gesture. Im really excited for this upcoming big event! Ive never been to a Malay wedding before and I can tell this is going to be one fascinating experience!

Our little chitchat went on for another few hours till we had to part around 11PM. I really enjoyed talking to the 2 girls.

After that I went for a 40 minute run. It was exhausting as usual but I feel great!

Hopped in the shower after that and watched a movie called the Time Traveller's Wife.

Today was a good day=)

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