Jan 7, 2010

daily thoughts - running, stray cats and our rat brats

#iMapMyRun (Run): Distance 2.91 mi, Duration 0:35:52, Pace 12:19 min/mile, Speed 4.9 mph

today's jog was good. the speed was not as fast as that last tuesday but we managed to run almost 3 miles on our 4th workout day. i think that's not bad at all.

we went to have a quick dinner and get some groceries. we passed by a poor kitty i named jack and gave him some kibbles. the little thing has one blind eye and it kept purring and rubbing against our legs. i felt really sad..what my hubby told me back in kl still echoes in my head..you cant save em all..anyway i hope noone hurts those poor cats i feed.

these babies we have at home are spoiled. they have no idea how fortunate they are. makes me wanna smack them sometimes for tearing up things and going in our closets. i think theyre goal in life is go forth and destroy.

anyway almost time to go shower and study. hopefully i will be able to open my book without a struggle.

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