Jan 7, 2010

daily thoughts - on running, reading and new year's resolution

the imap my run read Completed (Run): Distance 2.53 mi, Duration 0:30:05, Pace 11:54 min/mile, Speed 5.0 mph. yesterday. ran around the park and had fun! although i was really bushed by the time i got home, im glad i pushed myself to break a sweat.

today is rest day though. i got home early and read my john grisham book then fell into a deep sleep. it was supposed to be just a nap but i slept for 4 solid hours. power nap! now im recharged again. i have an upcoming exam this 29th and i havent read the book yet. i was contemplating on reading that for an hour before going to bed around 3 am. FAIL. i went to watch heroes instead. hehe this is my 4th exam for a 5 series certification program. i have promised myself that i will study but i keep putting it off until the exam is like 3 days away. i havent really changed much since college days. i really have to stop this laziness! i guess that should be one of my new year's resolutions. then again, each year, i come up with a list but it gets buried along with the taxing demands of life.

well i have to really make my resolutions stick this year though. this is one of them.its about time for me to kick that bad habit of procrastination. i have seriously made a lot of mistakes in the past coz of it.

other than that, getting in shape is among my MUST do too.

i should enumerate it here so i wont forget and also to motivate me that it would be embarrassing not to live up to it. these are the ones that are at the top of my head rig
ht now.

1) Get in shape!

2) Study when there is an exam ( no more cramming)

3) Get rid of hoarded stuff (cats not included)

4) Drink lots of water!

5) Kick bad habits (this one is always among my NY resolutions year after year.)

6) Read one kick ass novel each month ( cant get enough of grisham)

7) Learn Spanish ( or Japanese, depends on what material I can get free online)

8) Spend quality time with my Babies

9) Eat healthy (chocolates are included)

10) Follow through with 1-9

well i wish myself luck this year!

how about you, what are your thoughts on your resolutions for the year?

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