Jan 27, 2010

DAILY THOUGHTS - on work, running, Marmie and finishing my book

Completed Regular Run. 5,424 (kcal) Distance 3.28 mi. Duration 37:00:00
Just a quick run down since I have to hurry up to hit the shower and go to bed.

Today was a busy day. I woke up at 8AM and dashed off to work to finish as much emails as I can. We had briefing at work so it kinda slowed me down. Still I managed to leave 10 minutes over my shift. Took a short nap for 2 hours then finished my book. Damn that was tough! Its really hard to absorb everything especially when the topic is that boring. The worst part isnt over yet though. I have to reread the book coz I just typically scanned it.

So Ill have to do that tomorrow because today Im really exhausted. I feel good though for pushing myself out the door and finishing my workout. I grabbed some groceries on the way home and some treats for me and my baby. I also got a bag of whiskas wet food for the white stray cat that hangs out by the bike path. The poor thing didnt even know what the food was and initially ignored it.

Anyway I miss Marble. The cat advocate group picked her up yesterday for her spay day. I hope everything turns out okay and she recovers quick and smoothly.

Time to go. I just want this exam over and done with!

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