Jun 10, 2011

Daily thought - Assholes in the morning

I just got jolted out of my sleep by inconsiderate bastards next door. Its 9am, what the hell were these neanderthals thinking hammering their wall or their roof or whatever part of their house. I have a better idea where they could put that nail, on their brainless skulls. to make matters worse, the same scumbag piled up the garbage behind their house and tried to start a fire, just near my window. i had to get up and walk next door and douse the thing with water. then i had to yell at the guy and tell him the damn smoke was getting in my room! guess what? damn fucker retorted that i shouldnt get upset coz he didnt mean for the smoke to go towards my room's direction. what a fucking way to justify one's stupidity. the pile of garbage was like 10 steps away from our wall. my room is 10 steps from the wall. where else will the smoke go? will it make a detour?

judging from the photo, can you tell me where else the smoke will go? idiots.


  1. I don't understand why he put the stuff at the bottom of a tree either. Don't people over there realize that trees are made of wood and can burn? What if the tree caught fire and then caught all of the adjoining houses on fire?

  2. its unbelievable how the obvious and apparent seem elusive to this retard


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